I've used lots of different systems and processes to sell information products over the years, and one of my current projects is building up my product line using JV Zoo.

There are a few reasons why I've chosen to do that, and  I want to share them with you in this blog post.


The Reasons

First, I like the JV Zoo interface for making sales, which means that it's really quick to set up products. I've been using a template style of set up for the sales copy and download pages, which means that just adding the JV Zoo hosted sales buttons is simple.

JV Zoo provides its own marketing to add to my promotion of new products. That means that previous buyers of my products get an update when something new is added that they might be interested in. That additional source of promotion is powerful.

JV Zoo has an army of affiliates available, who are looking at the recent product releases keen to promote. For a product creator, that's a bonus.

Having more products available also means that there are opportunities for me to cross-sell. JV Zoo does some of this automatically, showing other products by the same product creator. But, it's also advantageous as a product creator to cross-promote other products using the same payment and delivery engine.

Finally, having these products for sale also provides for a way of producing one time offers (OTOs). The OTO can be one or more of the other products, provided at a discount "thank you" price. By having the real product on sale, this provides evidence that the product really is being sold at a discount, hence increase the conversion rate for the OTO.


What Do You Think?

Do go ahead and reply to this post to share your opinion.

Do you like the JV Zoo system? How does it compare with the alternatives? Is my strategy good?

Just provide your feedback using the comment box below.

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