The “Fire And Forget” WSO – Can It Still Work?

There’s often a saying within the Internet Marketing community that what’s new is old and what’s old is new.

And it’s a trend that I’ve started to observe again with Warrior Special Offers, but is it sustainable?

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A lot of WSOs right now are planned out as massive launches. That means they contain lots of content and take months of planning and they have a carefully prepared sales funnel offering lots of opportunities for customers to spend money.

They also require a big push to get together the best quality of sales copy, the perfect launch manager, and the best team of affiliates to promote the WSO.

That takes a lot of time. And the preparation costs a lot of money.

There is an alternative. I call it the “fire and forget” WSO.


How WSOs Used To Operate

WSOs used to operate in a really simple way.

You would create a quick product (or take a product that you’ve already got on sale).

Then, you’d decide on a special offer for the product (usually a good price).

That would be the Warrior Special Offer that you’d run.

People browsing the WSO forum would buy the products that they found most useful for them (or for which the sales copy is most convincing).

Not many people do that now, but a fast product released at a discount price like that is really a “fire and forget” WSO.


The Modern Version Of The “Fire And Forget” WSO

This is how I see the modern version of the “fire and forget” WSO working.

You need to create a product and the sales copy. I say “create” as these can be outsourced and very short sales copy works well for these types of WSOs.

You then simply deliver the product using Warrior+Plus or JV Zoo. No upsells, no fancy download pages, no bonuses. The objective is to get these products created and on sale as quickly as possible.

I still recommend that you add buyers to your mailing list (automatically through the software provided) and you can set up a simple download page if you wish, but that’s not required.

You can also invite affiliates to promote the WSO by providing a good commission rate (80% or more recommended), but again, you don’t want to spend much time actively recruiting them.

Price your simple product at somewhere between the $5 and $10 mark (possibly with a dime sale format).

You then need to send traffic straight to the WSO (potential buyers don’t tend to stumble upon WSOs as much as they used to do). So, this does depend on you having a list or other traffic sources (or partnership with someone in that position).

Then, you wait for people to buy…


Is The “Fire And Forget” WSO Profitable?

That’s the big question. Most of this depends on the product and the type of traffic that you’re sending.

And, a lot of this depends on how your list is trained to react. If they’re expecting you to only create massive launches, this style of launch can be difficult to predict.

But, the biggest challenge here is keeping down both the costs and the time that you need to spend on the WSO.

That’s why I recommend at least outsourcing the writing of these products. You can easily get a WSO standard report created for you for $200.

If you write the copy yourself and set up the WSO, you need only spend around 4 hours in total. Add the WSO running costs, and you can easily get this into operation for under $250 and just a few hours of work.

At that point, it becomes a numbers game. Selling the product at $10, you only need to sell about 30 copies to be profitable (including the commissions that PayPal and the WSO delivery system takes).

That’s quite achievable for most lists.

Sell more copies and you’re in profit.

You also benefit from the exposure, from actually getting the products out there and from actually adding buyers to your list who may purchase from you in the future.

If the WSO doesn’t convert for your list, at most you’re out a few hours and a small amount of money. And, you’ll know to go back to the bigger launches.


Compared To The Bigger Launches…

It may surprise you to work out that this strategy can actually be more directly profitable than the big launches.

There are launches with months of planning and effort that simply aren’t profitable.

They’re out money, but more importantly, they’re out time (think of how many “fire and forget” WSOs could have been launched in that time period).

On an “pay by the hour” basis, this system can certainly be more profitable than the big launches.

And, by going against the norm, you end up attracting more attention to your launch, which should benefit you in the long run.


But, Does This Work?

That’s where I’d like your opinion.

If you can see the value to ultra fast (minimilistic) WSO launches like this, I’d be interested to hear from you.

And, of course, I’d like to hear the other side as well (the drawbacks).

And, any real world results are always of great value.

Just put your thoughts in the Comment box below and I’ll be keen to see them.

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