Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I wanted to use this post today to give some inspiration to those people reading who are looking to progress with making money online.

It is possible. I've accomplished it.

I don't, of course, mean that in a big-time or big-headed way. I haven't cracked the secret to 'Quitting Your Day Job' or 'Make Millions Working From Your Own Home'.

I'll be honest here. For most people, I just don't think those results are realistic – at least not in the short term.

Plus, personally, I'm not sure I want to quit my day job. There are lots of advantages to working.

Internet Marketing, if treated right, is a nice hobby, which has the potential to be lucrative.

You can work at it part time. You just have to organised.

In this post, I want to share with you somes of the things that have been working for me – and helping me to feel more accomplished online.

Product Creation

To be a good Internet Marketer, you really need to be a multi-tasker and working on different things. But the element that's worked best for me, in terms of a good return for the time spent, is product creation.

A product is not just an immediate source of money (if done right). It's also a long term item that brings you a lot of options about how you use it. A product will continue to make you sales after the initial promotion, and you always have the option of using that same product for other things.

You can 'flip' the whole product (sell the whole business), offer people right to sell the product for you, even use it as a bonus.

I've released over 10 products in the past few months, and my aim is to continue to ramp up my product creation processes.


I've mentioned this in posts before, but developing new skills is so important to be a success.

Now, this doesn't mean just learning these skills. The most important thing is putting them into practice.

For instance, earlier in the year I took a copywriting class (with expert copywriter Jason Fladlien). That's offered me the ability to write the sales letters for my own products. I also know that this is a high value skill. I could write sales copy for other people if I was ever desperate for money.

I've also joined classes for some things that I was already quite good at. Why would I do that? Partly so I can get better. Surrounding myself with people who are looking to succeed is valuable, as is picking up all those little advanced time-saving tips which are scattered around.

Plus, these classes give a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to make contacts.

Support Environment

The other aspect that's really helped me is being surrounded by a great support environment.

That's with other people in a similar boat to me who are willing and able to help and are also interested in getting better with their business.

Now, if I'm honest, I have multiple support environments in place, but the one I value the most is the excellent Earn1KADay Insiders Club, which is a private community. I put a lot of my success down to experiences within that environment.

For instance, another aspect I've really been getting properly started with is affiliate marketing. Most of that is down to offers made and information shared inside Earn1KADay.

Just Go For It

I think, if there's one overarching point that you should draw out from this blog post, it's that you should just go for it.

The methods that work well for me (and I've only scraped the surface of some of my longer term plans in this post) won't necessarily be the same ones that work for everyone. And, really, that's good.

If everyone works and thinks in the same way, things just don't play out the way they should.

I've always believed in giving good value and good service, and thinking the highly of anyone who takes the time to try one of my products, or who wants to work with me. I know that isn't the same way everyone thinks, but it's a decision that's left me in good stead.

Not everything will happen at once.

I called this blog post 'Slow And Steady Wins The Race', because that's the case.

I'm not interested in 'Get Rich Quick' schemes. And, fortunately, I've never found myself in a position where I've had to make a fast bundle of cash – although I've now got my business systems in place where I could do this if it were necessary.

But, building things slowly for a long-term business is a much better strategy.

I can see my business growing every month. I try different things out. Not everything works, but enough aspects together.

If I can offer you one piece of advice, it's to take small steps in your business every single week, which will contribute to long-term growth.

By all means, take steps every single day if you're in a position to do that, but certainly work on improving something towards a long-term plan every week.

Whether that's by building web sites, creating products, growing a list, promoting affiliate products, or some other methods entirely – that's up to you.

Most importantly, make sure everything you do is contributing towards a growing long-term business. For instance, if I create products, it's to add to the number of ways I can draw in money and the number of options I have. There's no reason you can't follow that strategy by creating multiple web sites, or just using working and replicable systems.

Start now, and in six months time you'll see that it's been worth it.

Over To You

As always, I welcome comments, suggestions and thoughts.

If you've made strides in your business, let us know what worked for you.

If you're just starting out and looking for motivation and help, let us know what direction you're taking your business in.

Just leave a comment below and let everyone reading know how things stand with you.

11 replies on “Slow And Steady Wins The Race”

Nice post… I wish I would have picked up on the product creation phase a bit sooner.  But with the right training on how to create good products helps that process along.

I'm still new at this.. but just today I made my first SALE!  I've had my website for 6 months, and my autoresponder for the last 4 months.

So you can say that I'm in the "Learning Phase" still.  However,  I just finished with my 2nd created product and I have outlined at least 5 more. 

I suspect that when I can create bonuses, freebies, and more products, building social proof, and creating a name for myself… the sales will follow.

Thanks to you and others that I get inspiration from, I'm moving up!

Thanks Joe, I fully agree that the training makes the world of difference.

And David, congratulations on that sale. You'll be amazed how much easier the second one is than the first. And, once you start with that product line you'll all these different items which can all bring in sales independently. With the right product line, and continued development, you really can see exponential growth in your business.


I really think just going for it is the best idea, and having a strong support system to keep you encouraged when you face the struggles of just starting something new. Slow and steady win the race whether that be starting a new project or new business. 

I appreciate the straightforwardness of your posts. The information is not pie-in-the-sky, but rather very realistic and doable. It is so very easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated doing business online (well actually, doing business, period) and I think for 2011 doing things "slow and steady" will be my motto. Thanks!!

You make it sound so easy but I am sure it takes time to research and hone new skills. I guess all it takes is one idea and then just going for it.

Thom I think what sets you apart from otherl Internet Marketers is your honesty and telling us the truth no matter what. Thank you for not being one of the those many other IM people out there with no intention to help. I know when ever I read a blog post of yours that I am getting the God honest truth and I respect that more than you know.. Cheers.

Thank You Thom letting us know that slow and steady does work and is successful. I get so tired of the 'Get Quick Rich Schemes". I love your website and recommend it to anyone who is serious about having success on the Internet.

Emily, yes I don't want to make it look easy. I think for most people that's false and most people just don't develop skills anywhere near that quickly.
One strategy is to take advantage of the areas you already know and focus in on those. For instance, you might not already be brilliant at creating web sites, but you might be good at writing. In which case, concentrate on writing the content, find someone to develop the site for you, and then slowly gain the web development skills over time.
Thanks everyone else for the positive comments. I've read every one, and they're all appreciated.

Nice one! I liked it what you said about "Quitting your job to work home". It isn't very realistic unless you are one of the people who runs facebook. Your tips are interesting and I think it is achievable as long as you make the right decisions.

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