Secrets To Finding A Forum To Market On

If you’re looking to get into Forum Marketing – that is you’ve got to market yourself through the use of online discussion boards and within communities – you always need to find forums to market on.

Finding these forums can sometimes be harder than you might think. I’m going to show you how to get about finding an appropriate forum for whatever you’re marketing.

The first place is to always look at any forums that you’re established on already. There is a huge advantage to this because you have built in creditability and you’re many or perhaps even years of time spend building up a profile in that forum are going to help you with your marketing. After all, people know you’re not a fly on the wall. That means you’re not going to run away with their money because you’re well established in there. It’s is particularly beneficial if you’ve been joined to the forum under your real name. But even if you’re using a pen name, this can work too, particularly in niches where pin names are the normal. So always look first to any forum you’re established on and see if you can use that for your marketing.

The second place you should look is quite straight forward. It’s to use an online search engine, which the best known one is Google. Simply go to Google, type in the Niche you’re looking for plus the word “Forum” and you’ll soon come back with many likely candidates. Spend some time checking each of these and see which one of them will best meet your needs. This could be a good forum for you to market on too.

You should also talk directly to people who you know in the niche. After all, these contacts are there for a reason. These might be people you speak to online. They might be people who you have on your Tweeter profile if that’s the best way of contacting them. Ask them about the best forums. Whether these are well publicized, even private forums where you can move into and also develop your skills as well as market on them. Other people are a great way of finding out quality information and they’ll help you to continue to build your relationships as you do so.

It should not be difficult to find forums to market on as there are forums in nearly any topic you might be interested in on the internet. The danger is that some of them will be better visited than others and you should spend some time making sure that the ones that you market on are the most appropriate. And they’ll give you a long term boom to your business. Take advantage of any reputation you’ve already built up at online forums otherwise you can build your own up by using Google and other people you know to find the better ones. By doing so you’ll have more forums to market on then you could possibly handle.

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