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Partner With Experts To Write Your Books For You

Here is a strategy you can use to write books for Kindle and CreateSpace which works really well and also helps to establish you as an expert.

You need to contact experts and get them to contribute to your book. You can contact one expert and work with them, or work with a series of experts, each contributing a chapter or so each.

I’ve been involved with books created using this strategy, both as an author and as a contributor.

This works particularly well in the Internet Marketing niche, where you can ask people to provide a few hundred words detailing their approach towards a particular marketing topic (say, building a list quickly).

How do you get these people to write for you?

You can send them a quite reasonable request, just ask them to contribute an unpublished article which ties in with the theme of your book.

Or, you could just conduct a short interview with them, transcribe that and use the interview as the content.

Outside of Internet Marketing, this has the potential to work well too, as just being asked to contribute to a book is flattering.

You can then capitalise on the name value of the people involved with the book in your own marketing.

I’ve also seen this done so that the contributors are asked to promote the book in the form of making themselves available for interviews with media channels. This can be an excellent way to get your book out to a wider audience.

Use Their Existing “Unpublished” Content

Here’s an extra hint. A lot of marketers have vast quantities of audio already out there which they’re just not doing anything with.

If you can get people to go along with this and to supply their content, than reusing existing audios is excellent.

There is a lot of audio out there, not only in the form of podcasts, but also interviews, radio shows (including online radio) and teleseminars.

If you hunt around, you might also find that you have audio of your own, which you can then get transcribed. But this works even better if you get audio transcribed from other people.

Personally, I’ve used transcripts to form the basis of books that I’ve sold using CreateSpace (the physical book version) of CreateSpace, so I’m partial to this strategy.

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