Nobody Buys My Backend Product

When you are trying to make more money as a marketer, you will often have a sales funnel in place. That is your prospect does not just buy a front end product, they will also upsell to buy a backend product as well. But no matter how good your sales copy is not every person will buy that. There are many reasons for this. For instance, they just cannot afford to buy an additional product straight after the original one. But how can you continue to sell to them or otherwise improve your conversion rate? In this article I will explore some of the best options of doing this with you.

First of all, you can present a downsell immediately after the upsell with an additional discount. That is say you are offering the upsell at thirty seven dollars you can create a fast action downsell offer at twenty seven dollars or seventeen dollars for nearly the same goods. You will often convert an additional number of people who would not have bought your backend by marketing in this manner.

The second thing you can do is offer a downsell with a smaller package to the bigger one. That is you are taking a certain number of value out of the package. For instance, if your upsell was a twenty video course you could then replace that with a ten video course for a lower rate. By doing so you are making sure that the greater amount of value still exists in this smaller package you will continue to convert some people you would otherwise have lost.

Finally, you should make sure you follow up by email with everybody who does not turn the opportunity to buy the backend to their advantage. You can market to them directly as you have now captured their name and email address and offer in them the package at a later date. People may have had more time to consider the benefits and because you are directly contacting them and keeping this fresh in their minds, a certain percentage will buy at a later date. So make sure you follow up by offering this at a later date. You may not do it at quite a good of price as you want because this may work against your long term strategy. But you can certainly create an additional income for yourself by doing this.

If somebody does not buy your backend you should not completely forget about them. There are strategies you can use to make sure that you get additional sales such as further discounting as part of the sales process, offering a similar but smaller package at a smaller price, or selling the package using follow up emails. By employing any one of these you will turn an otherwise unsuccessful backend into one which is more profitable for you.

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