Making Yourself Look Cleverer Than You Are – A Secret For More Internet Marketing Success

I call this blog Online Marketing Success as I think it’s very important to be successful with an Internet Marketing business and I like to encourage others to do the same. But I know that a lot of people worry that other Internet Marketers are cleverer than them and think that this will hold them back. That really doesn’t need to be the case.

Often when you think about an expert that appears on the television, you think about people who are highly intelligent and they make no qualms about showing so. They have all sorts of academic qualifications. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. Check your state’s laws before purchasing any prescription drug online. There are more important things than being really intelligent to being seen as an expert. You need to know enough to answer questions that people might put to you. You also need to know a substantial amount more than the people who are going to be asking the questions. Just by doing these things you can be seen as an expert straight away.

The first thing to remember is you really don’t have to be book smart. There is no point learning about something just by reading a lot of textbooks. Often experience you’ve picked up in the field is far more important to make sure that you’re seen as an expert in most niches. For instance, an expert footballer (a term for which I think of soccer for anyone reading from outside my home of UK) wouldn’t necessarily be somebody who had read a lot about football. It would more likely be somebody who had played the sport and could show their results whether this was at a local, national or international level. Likewise, an expert cook or chef may well not have read a lot of books about cooking. They may have a flare with their hands and be able to put together great tasting cuisine which everybody wants to eat. Being book smart isn’t always the most appropriate part of being an expert. It can be a bonus, but it’s not the be all and end all.

More importantly is that you need to be able to answer peoples’ questions. You want to be the go-to person in a particular niche or field and so you need to have the answers when a question is asked. You don’t necessarily be able to answer every question. Experts can look things up, particularly if you’re an internet expert, where you have as much time as you want to go and find that answer. But if you’re there doing a live show being asked questions on the spot or you’re coaching people, ideally you want be able to give a good quality answer to them as and when they have it. The good thing is you pick these things up through time just by learning about a field. And often when you don’t know an answer the first time, you can guarantee the next time you’re asked that question you’ll have an answer then and there ready to go.

The other point about answering questions is you really don’t need to be the most knowledgeable person in a particular area. You just need to know much more than the other people who are asking you the questions. So if you’re participating in the media you can cheat. You can ask for an advance copy of anything they’re going to be asked about. You can then take the time to research those questions in advance to make sure you’re knowledgeable about the areas. You can then steer the conversation along the way that you’ve already prepared.  Even on the internet you can learn things you need to just by finding out answers by looking them up in online. You can even resort to asking other people who do have expertise but maybe don’t want their name out on the internet in lights in the same way that you do to help you with this task.

You do need to know more than the people if you can pick the subject to go along. Even if you’re teaching an online  course in your niche you only need to be learning ahead of the students to be seen as an expert in that particular course. Think of the teachers in the real world who are often teaching from a textbook and are a just a chapter or two ahead of their students. It’s a natural skill.

All of this means that you don’t need to be super clever to be a successful Internet Marketer or to help other people to learn. It can be an advantage to have a certain amount of wisdom but it isn’t the most important thing. You just have to show that even though you’re not all book smarts, you have a particular passion for an area. So long as you can answer peoples’ questions even if your own learning is only slightly ahead of other people, then your expert status is there. Don’t worry about not being clever and not getting great qualifications in school. This won’t stop you from becoming known as an expert.

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