Improve the Quality of Forum Information

Recently, I wrote about how to be more productive when using forums.

It’s so easy to waste hours on forums reading (and writing) information that is of little value to anyone, and sometimes being drawn into perfectly pointless and unproductive arguments.

There is a way to avoid this and it’s one that most people miss completely.

The answer is, to use paid forums.

Let’s take the internet marketing niche for an example. If you use free forums, you probably browse something like the Warrior Forum, which has hundreds of new posts a day. Many of these are from very junior marketers and you see the same topics being repeated over-and-over again, plus generally with the same answers.

Now, this is great if you just want somewhere to post a quick and easy reply and possible get a bit of link juice in the process.

But, apart from that, what are you really going to learn, and what information are these people really going to be able to share

What’s the solution? Compare this with what goes on inside paid forums. These are private communities. Everyone in the community has made an active decision to be there and exchanged money for the opportunity. This means that they have a vested interest in providing (and being provided by) a greater quality of information.

You get more of a community feel and the possibility of creating life-time relationships. Think of all the joint venture opportunities.

Plus, the forum owners will usually be around and will be able to help out with any problems or questions. They also have a substantial interest in keeping the forum running successfully.

By filtering all the low level marketing and noise you’re getting much more productive use of your time and a much better chance of finding something that can really value your business.

Do you use paid forums? What other reasons are there for you to make use of this type of resource? Please share your thoughts.

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