How To Have A Successful Freelancing Business Getting Writing Clients With No Advertising Costs

Writing from home can be an excellent way to make money. I take on writing work occasionally for clients, and it’s always interesting to see what kind of areas they’re interested in having articles written about.

I’m not a cheap writer. I’d rarely consider writing articles for under $20 for a 400 word article. And, if you want to get serious about writing articles, you need to get your business to that position as well. But, I’m only there because of my own reputation as a writer and the years of experience I’ve had writing.

If I was starting again, I’d look to develop a set of writing clients for a minimal cost. After all, as a freelancer working from home, it’s not appropriate to be spending a large amount of money advertising a business.

The first thing I would do would be to put together a small writing portfolio. This would be three articles, each well written, and each on different subjects. You need these articles to showcase the writing quality that you’ll produce.

Set up a simple online blog using WordPress, or another service, and put these articles online, showcasing what you can do. Include an email link so that people can contact you and get you to write for them.

Next, you need to advertise the existence of your writing portfolio. A very good way to do this is with forum marketing. You need to make posts in an appropriate forum. Include a short advert for your writing services (with a link to your portfolio) inside your forum signature.

Do make sure that all the posts you make are useful and well-written, as forum posting is a form of mini portfolio in its own right. You will attract a certain amount of attention if you consistently make good posts.

The most important thing is to have potential clients come to you. You don’t want to spend a lot of time, money or effort seeking out clients. By using the forum posting strategy, your links will be visible online forever more. That way, all of your posts will be accomplishing a visible goal.

Once you do start to get clients, make sure that you treat them well. You want them to come back to you and deliver you regular work. As your business grows, you can approach the $20 for 400 word level. This is the pay level where I’ll start to consider taking on simple writing work. That can be a very profitable level of payment for your work from home business. Notre service clients, composé de conseillers et de pharmaciens, est à votre écoute du lundi au vendredi de 8h30/12h30 – 14h/18h.

Use these techniques and you’re ready to get a good writing business established when working from home.

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