How To Begin Ghost Writing When You Don’t Have A Client

If you’re looking to get into being a ghost writer for various projects on the internet, you may think it’s a bit pointless writing when you don’t have a client to work for. After all you don’t get any pay for that writing directly. However, that isn’t the case.

There are other ways you can write and get paid for what you’re doing. For example, one thing you can do is to write the articles for your own use and then you can benefit from a long term profit for those articles. The second thing you do is to write article packs which cover different topics which are popular to people on the internet. And finally you can put together articles which can be sold to sites which are ready made content. There are a number of these article packs out there and which you can explore

There’s no need to hold off writing. You should be keeping your hand in writing all the time. If you are just waiting for clients they won’t always come to you.

When you want to write articles for your own marketing use you need to think carefully about what the best topics are which can give you a long term income. If you already have a site on a particular topic, then stick to that site. Investigate some good key words which would bring more traffic and write the articles about those. If you don’t already have a site then find a good problem key word or a physical product which you can promote and write a number of articles around that. You can put them straight on your site and monetize that site by using affiliate links to the physical product or to a product on click bank or a similar eBook selling site. There’s no reason why you can’t use these articles on your own site and get the whole SEO benefits from them.

Another thing you can do is to write article packets on popular topics. Now there are always going to be topics that are going to be popular on the internet. One good way to pick it is to find the latest trend or a good breaking news story about technology and take the time to put together ten articles on that topic. For instance if Apple is just launching the latest version of the iPhone there are bound to be a whole load of people wanting iPhone content for their sites and you can capitalize on that by being the first person out of the gate to provide it. Once you put together these ten articles, you just sell them once. You are after all a ghost writer who provides content to be used once only. Go ahead on the different forums where you advertise ready-made content and advertise your original content. Make sure that you stress that this is original it’s not plagiarized and will only be sold the one time so that they buyer knows their getting the maximum value for their money. Set a successful price for this along the same lines you would charge for effective writing. So if you charge $5 an article to ghost write then even though you’ve chosen a topic yourself, then you can still charge $50 for ten articles. After all you’ve done the research to make sure that the topic that you chose is going to be a value in the market that you know is there. And then when you go ahead and sell it, you’ve soon made your money back and you’ve spent the time working on a subject that interests you rather than selling one that interests ghost writing client.

The final thing you should do is just write articles on whatever topic you consider most appropriate and go identify those sites who buy ready-made content. And there are a number of these out there. Sites such as Associated Content where you can just go to their site, upload your latest article and they will pay you immediately fee for use of that article. One thing to do is go on those sites and check exactly what topics are being looked for on a particular day. This can vary from day to day and even from hour to hour. Make sure the topic you write about is a value to them. Now the amount paid by this site isn’t always particularly great. It may not be as high as writing a ghost written article for a standard client. But this is a guaranteed market for you and if you’re desperate for money or just want to keep yourself busy and practice your writing then the sites that buy ready-made content can be the best way to go for you.

There’s definitely no reason not to start writing even when you don’t have a client for you. You should always be practicing your writing anyway and making sure that your skills are the best and that you can write articles as quickly and easily as possible.

To do this make sure you are writing articles for marketing use whether if that’s on your blog. Create ready-made article packs you can sells ones to clients on a hot topic of the day. And finally use the sites that buy ready-made content on the areas they’re looking for and they will pay you immediately for just writing about that area.

If you put all these three things together there’s no reason to hold off writing just because you don’t have a client. You can continue to make an income even when the clients aren’t there for you.

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