Creating A Quick Ethical Bribe For Your Optin Page

It can be a long and onerous process trying to create an ethical bribe for your optin page. If you’re putting together a new report, this can take quite some time to research to write. But there are a great many quick mechanisms you can use to put together a suitable ethical bribe without needing to take days, months, or even years to do so.

One way is to use private label rights content. A second way is to create this as an audio product, rather than a written product. A final way is to create a video product, rather than a written product. By using any of these methods, you can put your ethical bribe together much more quickly, perhaps even in a matter of minutes or hours.


First of all you should be looking at private label rights content. This is generally content that people have given you the permission to take, edit, and reuse in whatever manner you find appropriate. The good thing about this kind of content is if you can find PLR in your niche, you can repurpose it very quickly. You can add your own branding into that and add your own affiliate links. These secondary income opportunities are very important to you for making an overall optin campaign profitable. So you need to try and find out as much PLR content as you can and then make it look as different as possible to the original. By doing so you can have a fresh product in a matter of minutes or hours.


Secondly is to think about creating an audio product. Most PCs nowadays come equipped ready with sound cards. And just by adding a suitable, cheap microphone — ideally one that provides high quality audio — you can put together a product in much less time than would write. The reason for this is simple. A lot of people can talk at about a hundred words per minute and provide a reasonably comprehensible audio file. Whereas to write that, you may only find you type at ten or twenty words per minute. By creating audio, you’re going to put that product together much faster. In fact, you can normally do this audio product in one take. If you’re only trying to create a twenty minute audio ebook, then this will take you exactly that — twenty minutes — to produce the audio. Even if you want to produce a six minute audio, this is all the time it needs to take.


Plus, people are much more forgiving about mistakes in audio than they would be in an ebook. If you make a mistake in an audio, you can just talk around it. Whereas if it’s in an ebook, you’ll find you have to go back and make corrections. This can add substantially to your development time. So by using audio bribes, rather than written bribes, you can put these together in moments and have them ready for your optin page.


Finally, you should think about video. Now, to many people video sounds like it would be incredibly complex. But it need not be. One very simple type of video you can create is just have somebody point a camcorder at you and film you for twenty minutes answering questions, or demonstrating a product. If you’re demonstrating a product, this can be very powerful proof that what you’re doing works. Even if you’re doing an online review of a product that somebody is interested in, this can be valuable as well.


If you don’t want to go through the video camera route and appear on screen, there are other alternatives. You can create a screen capture video showing a site or showing how a process is done. Perhaps this has PowerPoint slides in the background. These slides can be put together very quickly. You don’t need to include a whole amount of information on there. You can keep your slides short, and where you provide the information is in the video itself. That way people are tempted to actually sit through and watch all of your video, rather than purely skipping around through and fast-forwarding to look at the slides. This video can be put together in almost real time and will be a highly valuable optin offer for your new subscribers.


So it is easy to put together a quick ethical bribe for your optin page. You really don’t need to revert to having to use a resale rights product. First of all look if there’s any PLR content which you can use for this. On top of that, see if you can create this as an audio product or a video product. Both of these can be put together very quickly in almost real time, and they have a high perceived value to somebody who is trying to opt into your list.


By doing so, you should be able to increase your number of subscribers in short order.

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