A Seven Minute Strategy To Make More Affiliate Sales

Many marketers don't use the technique of making affiliate sales enough to add value to their business. This is a powerful technique, regardless of what niche you're in.

You can add affiliate links inside your projects, or on your download page. This gives you an extra source of income for any product that you sell, with no more work required once this is set up.

And, once you've established a mailing list, you can send out details of products that you recommend that are monetised by your own affiliate link.

In this blog post, I'm going to present to you a simple strategy, that needs only take seven minutes, which will add more sales when you mail about an affiliate product.

Here's what you do. You need to offer a bonus product that anyone who buys through your affiliate link gets.

But, I can hear what you're thinking? Isn't creating a product a lot of work?

Not if you use this strategy.


Fast Bonus Product Creation

There's one technique you need to know about as a bonus product creator for Internet Marketing offers.

You need to use Private Label Rights products.

Here's what you do.

Find a high quality PLR product which matches up well with the affiliate offer that you're promoting. There are lots of PLR products available and you'll never have difficulty finding something that's related. I strongly recommend that you choose a high quality product, as this will reflect better on your business than providing something that offers little value.

Just do a search for the niche you're into, with the word PLR at the end, and Google will provide plenty of offers for you to consider.

Don't spend too long thinking about this as there's no need. The importance is to get this offer created quickly.

Take the PLR product, give it a new title if you have time, and then send an email to your list offering the bonus.

All the people who you convert need to do is to send you a copy of your PayPal receipt and you then send them the download product. If you're feeling more advanced, you can set up a download page for the product which also contains other offers, giving you the opportunity to make additional sales.


Advanced Techniques

If you're promoting a high value product, or one where you want to make lots of sales, you can expand on your bonus offer beyond the initial seven minute offer.

There are lots of ways to do this. One of the easiest ways is to stack products together, so that people feel that they're getting multiple products. These can all be created from PLR.

You can also create an exclusive product. The economics for this are simple. You need to feel that you'll make more money from promoting the affiliate product than you would be simply releasing the product on its own. A case study product, where you try out the affiliate product and document what you do, works well here.

I've also seen people have success offering products created using webinars. This can be as simple as a question and answer type product.

If you've already created products of your own, you can also include those in the bonus offer.


Here's An Example…

So, how might you go about putting together an affiliate bonus offer for a product.

Here's an example for a new release that I've been involved with. Video Mystic by Jason Fladlien. This is a high quality report, showing how to make more sales using video (and it's available with 100% instant PayPal commission).

What I'd do is to find a high quality PLR product to go with it and offer as a bonus. In this case, I'd look at the 10 Buck PLR product, Video Sales Revealed. This is a limited release, so chances are that most buyers won't have access to it, even if you don't have time to edit it, and it's available for just 10 dollars.

10 Buck PLR is an excellent source for fast products in the Internet Marketing niche.

Even if your bonus product isn't closely aligned with the front end product, you'll find that you can still make sales. I'd recommend a little rebranding of the front end product in this case.


Final Thoughts

You probably don't want to add a bonus product to every affiliate mail, as your list will become tuned to expect a bonus and you'll be forced to deliver it. But, when you use this technique on a more intermittent basis, it can be very effective.

Have you tried this technique of offering bonus products. How did it work for you?

Do scroll down to the comment box and add your thoughts

8 replies on “A Seven Minute Strategy To Make More Affiliate Sales”

Great advice Thom, I’ve used this strategy with lots of success and I’ve been using it more often because it works! …I may be over using it right now

Anyways, I always enjoy your blog post, thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for checking in Jeff. Yes, this definitely works and I use techniques like this with PLR all over the place.

I’ve fallen a bit behind with blog updates recently too, but glad you enjoy them. It’s just a case of coming up with interesting topics that aren’t a rehash (my blog is one place I never use PLR).


Hi Thom, great tips you’ve outlined here. I use one source for PLR and it is unique content with a low number of packages sold, which I feel make it more valuable. I’ve never thought of using it in this way though and love the strategies you’ve outlined. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy the journey.


Hi Mandy,

I agree totally that limited PLR is the best type. The fewer sales, the less work you need to do to make the product unique (and the less competition for you).

The other areas I look at include the quality of the PLR (not everyone can write to the same standard) and how ready to go the product is (one thing that always irritates me with PLR is when the source for the product is poorly formatted, or the seller clearly doesn’t know how to use styles in Word). This all makes a difference to how quickly and easily you can use the product – essential when using PLR as a bonus.


Good article, I definitely use ‘bundling’, you call it ‘stacking’, to close the deal on a lot of my big ticket items, especially with electronics.

Robert, yes I’d say that bundling and stacking are very similar concepts. Although we’re talking information products rather than information products where the overheads are lower.

Although if you are looking for a quick bonus than adding a physical item can have real appeal.


I totally agree with your point to make the most of affiliate links Thom. When I post articles on blogs, twitter or create webpages I always include them. I even include them on my website 404 error page! Link shorteners like can be very handy to make them less obvious and usable on services like Twitter. The great thing is, once they are in place, they generate revenue year after year, even when you are sleeping. Passive income is the best!

Yes, I use all the time, Wally. Particularly when I just want to cloak a link quickly. For something longer term I set up a cloaked affiliate link on one of my web sites. I prefer that, as you can’t guarantee that will be around forever, or that the link will be live.


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