A $200 A Day Recipe For Warrior Special Offers

I want to share with you a recipe I've discovered for making money with Warrior Special Offers (WSOs). It's a technique that I personally have used, and will use again in the future.

You can apply this recipe within a day and have money coming in. I'd estimate that $200 profit is a fair reflection of what you could expect to earn, although results will vary for many factors outside my control.

If you've not seen a Warrior Special Offer before, this is an offer made at the Warrior Forum, the biggest forum devoted to online marketing in the world. The offer has to be special, so not something that you're offering elsewhere on the Internet, or which is just reselling a product which comes with rights (you need to offer something that is original).

All you need to do is to follow 5 simple steps, and make a small investment in advertising, which you should easily recoup and profit from.


Step #1 – Establish An Account At The Warrior Forum

If you've been involved with Internet Marketing for any length of time you'll almost certainly have one of these – but if you're new then you need to set an account up. Spend some time to give real information in the account and a few details about yourself.

For instance, you can see my Warrior Forum profile here.

You also need to join the War Room, which costs around $40 and gives you access to many hidden parts of the Warrior Forum, and the ability to post Warrior Special Offers. This is a one-time payment, so you won't be hit for any future costs to use the War Room.

I suggest making a few posts around the forum if you are new. This doesn't mean spamming the forum, or writing comments that are not useful. It's generally better to post replies, rather than start a lot of new topics.


Step #2 – Create A 2,000 Word Report On A Popular Subject

Legally Sell PLR ImageThe important thing about this system is that you can complete it, from start to finish, in a single day. Part of this involves the construction of a report that you will sell later.

This doesn't need to be anything fancy. Use Microsoft Word and one of the templates that comes with it. If you don't have Word, you can use OpenOffice Writer. Make sure to include a title page and disclaimer, and some resources (including your own sites) at the end.

It is quite possible to write a 2,000 word report in a couple of hours, particularly if you choose a topic which you already know about, or write up something that you have tried for yourself. Make sure that the report is focused on a topic that is of interest to Internet Marketers, and spend some time making it look neat so it reflects well on you.

Export the report as a PDF file, and it is ready to ship.

Above, you can see the title page of the report I created using this system, which ran to 20 pages and 2,816 words.


Step #3 – Set Up A Delivery System For The Offer Using WSO Pro


You're going to be using the WSO Pro system to deliver your report to customers. This comes as part of Warrior Plus. To deliver a single product costs around . Consider that more than half of Medicare beneficiaries now get their primary care at doctors’ offices that can’t be considered office-based offices, like urgent care centers, free clinics or health centers.

This is a good investment in its own right, as it saves you the difficulty of setting up a download page, or working out how to send the report out to people. This also means that you can get your WSO up and running very quickly.

Fill out the listing in detail.

This is where I let you into the real secret of this technique.

You're running the WSO as a Dime Sale. That means you're selling the first copy for $1, and increasing the price by 10c after each copy is sold.

This might seem low, but the initial bargain will draw the first sales. The fact that the price is increasing will mean that people who are considering buying have to purchase now, or they will watch the price going out of their reach.


Step #4 – Set Up The Warrior Special Offer

The beauty of offering a Dime Sale is that you don't have to spend a lot of time writing copy. The price alone is going to be the thing that sells your report.

Keep the copy short and make it clear what the product is and why you're offering a great deal. It's okay to leave some questions unanswered so that potential customers buy your report.

You can also encourage Warriors to post their questions in the thread itself, which will give visibility to your offer.

Copy the Button Code from your WSO Pro listing, as this will show the current price of the Dime Sale. Make sure that you include this payment button at least twice.

Include the $1 Start details in the title of the WSO, as this will catch the eyes of other Warriors.

Double check everything, then submit your WSO for approval. Sometimes this can take minutes, sometimes hours. It all depends on which moderators are on duty.


Step #5 – Run The WSO

Legally Sell PLR WSO

As soon as the WSO is approved, you're ready to go live. This is when you pay the $40 fee for the WSO.

This means that you've invested $60 to run and deliver the WSO (plus the War Room membership if you didn't already have this).

Make sure that you're around to answer questions and deal with any issues that arise. And triple check your payment links. For instance, you can see my Legally Sell PLR On The Warrior Forum WSO.

You can give your WSO a head start if you have other promotional methods available to you. For instance, if you already have a mailing list, let them know that the WSO is there.

Then, watch the WSO rise in price, and the money roll in.

Depending on your subject matter, the WSO will hit a natural peak – and this will likely be a few hours after your launch.

If you hit $8, then that will mean you've sold 71 copies and taken in $319.50. After the costs of running the WSO and the PayPal charges, this is well over $200 in profit.

And, if you ever reach the $10 mark, that's over $500 in takings. Definitely an achievable target after you've run a few Warrior Special Offers!


Advanced Steps

This guide should provide you with enough information to get started, but there are a few other further tips that I'd recommend.

Look at the Affiliate options within WSO Pro, as this can encourage other people to promote your WSO and help you to bring in extra cash.

Establish an account with AWeber, or another autoresponder, and use WSO Pro to automatically add buyers to your list.

Set up a download page, and use this to promote a further product. This can be one of your own or an affiliate product, which can bring in even more profit.

If you don't like writing, there's no reason why you can't create a video product instead of a report. Anything which is quick to create, and which offers value, is suitable for this system.


Over To You

I'd love to hear if you try out this system, or if you have any ideas how to improve it.

At some point, I'll probably flesh this guide out into a full report, or a video training course. I might even run that a WSO Dime Sale myself.

Please add your thoughts below, and good luck with the $200 A Day WSO Recipe.

9 replies on “A $200 A Day Recipe For Warrior Special Offers”

As always, you have laid out a very simple, straightforward explanation of how to do this. Very nice. There are a few good tips in here hat I would never have thought of – such as the dime sale – and the logic behind it makes sense.

You have put this in the simplest terms and I'm looking forward to following your steps laid out.  Very nicely written Thom and much appreciated information!  As a recently upgraded member of Warrior Forum and the War Room I am already pondering on what I will do.  Thank you, I look forward to reading your future posts.

Blimey, Thom, what a great tutorial, thanks so much for sharing.  I have never done a WSO but am leaning towards it now.   I will definitely use this method.
Enjoy the journey.

Hey Thom,
Great walkthrough – I love the simplicity. There really is no excuse for not being able to make $1000 online… especially with nice "background" streams you can set up like a WSO dimesale..
Pretty easy money…

Fantastic report! Thanks so much for sharing all the details. I tend to get stuck at #2 (specifically, figuring out what to write about), but I'm going to work through it and do a WSO, and your information is invaluable.

Thanks all,

Sarah, one little tip to help you think of something to write about, is just to write about what you know. That way, you don't have to spend a long time researching.

You can run the Dime Sale model even if your product isn't in the Internet Marketing niche. What you have to do is to offer a product with Private Label Rights, which the Warriors who buy it can edit and resell. In that case, the niche doesn't matter so much, and you have much greater flexibility with what you write the report on.


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