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Article Writing

lf you're looking to break into the online market, you need to have a skill and a way of making money.

For many people, that skill is writing.

After all, if you can use the Internet and you can make posts on forums, you can probably write.

And writing articles is the easiest way to get started. An article is simply a short piece of text (usually 400 to 500 words), which as used as web content.

Every marketer needs articles for their sites. If you can create these easily, you can get a steady income together through writing articles for other people.

But, there is one difficulty, and that's finding initial clients.

An alternative, is to write a set of articles on a theme, which you think should be marketable, and to sell that set of articles as PLR. That means, you're letting multiple people use the articles (they may rewrite them), but they can buy them at a fraction of the price it would cost to have an article written from scratch.

In this post, I'm going to take you through a process that will let you create these articles, and which will prepare you to sell them for profit. I've called it the PLR Article Pack Cash Flow System.

Now, unlike many of my posts, this isn't a system that I use personally to make money. I do write articles for myself (and, on occasion, for other people, when they're willing to pay my rates) but I've never released an article pack. Instead, it's based on my observations of a number of people who are writing PLR article packs right now, and seeing what's working for them.


Choose A Sexy Topic

The best article packs sell on hot topics, that is, things that people are looking for right now and want to put up web sites about.

I'd recommend finding something that's in the news, or is of immediate interest to a lot of people.

Products that are selling well are always good topics. If there has been a recent electronics release, you can write articles themed around that release. Think of those as the type of information that someone looking to buy that product would want – both about features of the product, about competitor products, and about the whole type of technology.

Celebrities are another good area. If you can find a celebrity (or even a reality TV star) and write enough content to let something set up a site about that person, you have something that will sell.

Health scares are another area that people are keen to set sites up about quickly, as there will be a lot of searches around them. I'm never so keen on that, as this is taking advantage of other people's misery, but there's definitely a business opportunity there.

If all else fails, any of the 'big' niches that marketers are interested in have a continual need for content. Think 'weight loss', 'make money', 'golf tips', 'stop smoking' etc. Just focus in your articles to a sub-niche, for instance rather than 'weight loss', look at a specific diet.

Once you have your topic, you're ready to being writing.


Write The Articles

The target is to write 10 high quality articles, of around 450 words each.

They need to all approach the topic from slightly different angles.

I would choose a simple keyword phrase for each article, but I wouldn't be overly concerned about counting the number of times you use the keyword. It just gives each article a focus.

A catchy title is a must for each article too.

You really need to practice to get these articles written in 30 minutes each in order to make this system profitable. You should be able to do this quicker than that, particularly if you can choose a topic you're already interested in (or have some knowledge of). It doesn't matter if it takes slightly longer the first time.

Save all the articles as individual text files, and compile the into a single zip archive, ready to sell.


Add Your Own Special Touches

I've seen quite a few methods recently which marketers have been using to charge more for their articles, and to help them to sell even further.

It's up to you how far you go with this, but if you want to differentiate yourself in the market, these are worth considering.

First of all, spin ready articles. Use spinner syntax to add multiple versions of each syntax. This means that people buying the pack are able to get unique articles generated. This can be time consuming, but can mean you can charge more for the articles.

You can also go beyond articles. Create a video based around the articles. Compile the articles into a ready made report. You can even write an additional short report (of a 2000 words in length or so) based around the same topic.

One other item you could include is a guide how to best use the articles. You can create the guide for personal use, going into more details about the niche, Include some keyword research. That's also a good opportunity to cross sell other services using your affiliate links, or even advertise your own service for ghostwriting unique articles.


Put The Articles Up For Sale

The easiest place to sell these fresh and in-demand articles is in the Warrior Forum, by running a Warrior Special Offer. I've written quite a few posts on WSOs before, which you can use as a basis for getting started.

I'd recommend using WSO Pro to deliver the articles to the buyer, and this can also help you to find affiliates.

You want to price these articles to sell. I recommend a standard price of around $1 per articles, so that would be $10 for the set of 10 articles.

However, you can encourage early buyers of your WSO, which really helps with its long term visibility, by pricing the initial copies at a lower price, and raising the cost slowly.

I'd also recommend you put a cap on the number of article packs sold.

For instance, you could limit sales of the packs to 50, priced as:

First 10 copies – $5
Next 10 copies – $7
Next 10 copies – $9
Next 10 copies – $11
Final 10 copies – $15

For the licence terms, I'd recommend that you let buyers do whatever they want with the articles (use them as web content, resell them as part of an ebook, put their name on them, add them to reports etc) except for reselling the PLR rights themselves. That means, the only way to get the rights to edit the articles is from your WSO.

If you really can't afford to run a WSO, there are other forums you can use, or you can set up a site to sell these and drive traffic to it. But, I firmly believe that a WSO will be money well spent on advertising.


Rinse And Repeat

Once you've done this the first time, it's easy to repeat the process. You'll get faster, and you'll get used to the whole process, which will increase your hourly rate.

Make sure you're keeping a mailing list of everyone who buys the articles. That way, you can contact them the next time you release articles, to try and get early buyers.

When you have a big enough list, you don't even need to pay for WSOs any more. You can just sell these directly to your list.

You can also ask your list what topics they'd like articles written on. This can speed up your research, and will also mean you can complete the whole process quickly.

If you put effort into this business model, you can easily turn around a set of articles a week, and look to make around $200 profit on each, for under 8 hours of work. That's a very reasonable return on your time investment (and there are ways to improve this still further).



Your Comments

If you've read this post and found it useful, do please leave a comment.

You can also feel free to link to your WSO selling article packs so I can check these out myself.

Good luck in putting together your article packs!

13 replies on “PLR Article Pack Cash Flow System”

PLR articles and books are in big demand in the Warrior Forum.  However, the cost of a person's first WSO is about $80.  ($40 for lifetime War Room membership plus $40 for the WSO) It can cost another $40 just to get the offer 'bumped' back to the first page if it isn't as popular as other products. 
However, if the article writers have their own website and payment system, they can add a link to their site in the footer of their profile.  When they post a reply or comment in the Forum, they will get free advertising to the warriors…. "Quality PLR at discount prices for Warriors" with a link to the site will draw lots of traffic! 

Very solid information Thom, have not see anyone make it so clear. Your game plan is pretty much how I have written articles for a few years.
Your readers should have not problems writing articles if they follow your plan.
Thanks for sharing,

Thom, having recently run a WSO doing exactly what you've outlined here – a PLR pack with spun articles, video, audio and a bunch of other stuff – I can confirm that it works very well 🙂
@Buck – The cost of the WSO can seem a little daunting at first, but you really don't need to sell many copies to recover that cost. Even if you wind up breaking even overall, you're (hopefully) building a list of buyers that you can sell more PLR to in the future – without any WSO fees necessary.

Thanks for all the replies. Buck, that's a good overview of the fees for running a WSO. Unfortunately, it's not all that cheap to get started (although some would argue that the Internet Marketing business is still incredibly cheap compared with real world alternatives). I like the signature link trick, however you do always get better results sending people to another page on the Warrior Forum itself, rather than an external site.

The good thing is, once you've run a couple of WSOs and built a list of the buyers, you can market the next PLR packs directly to them, rather than needing to go through the Warrior Forum at all.

John, spun article packs are the rage right now. I'm not 100% sold on the extra time investment paying for itself enough to warrant the extra work, but it's definitely something I'd like to test out and see. I think, if I went that route, I'd look to write the main articles myself, but find a way to outsource the spinning.

Of course, that adds to the overall investment, which is when crunching the numbers really carefully becomes necessary.


Hi Thom,
I have been following you for awhile and I have finally decided to comment. I have looked at most recent WSO's for PLR and have found none with spun articles.
If you know of one please let me know. I would like some honest feedback on this.
I have considered trying this but I thought we writers needed to leave the articles alone once we wrote them and let the customer spin/rewrite them?
I am also going to start a rewriting service but on a very limited basis, thats where the idea come in for the "spun" articles.
My "spin" is going to be manually because I have yet to hear of a good software program that will do this with out it being blatantly obvious that it was a "spun" article.
Thank you for any feedback that you or the other members have to offer.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for contributing, and please don't be a stranger. Feel free to post wherever you want (there are no stupid questions).
I haven't seen many WSOs recently with spun articles, which is a shame, as I think it's a very good way to differentiate your offering in the Warrior Forum. I, personally, would much rather buy pre-spun articles as I can use a spun version of them with very little danger of duplicate content (the chance of someone else using exactly the same spun version is pretty low).
Some people prefer to rewrite themselves, but I suspect they're in the minority.
There's certainly market for rewriting services, and producing a batch of pre-spun articles is a great advert for that.
Personally, if I'm rewriting for my own use, I'd just do it by hand. I've found The Best Spinner to be my favourite support tool, but you always need to check the synonyms carefully. I'd never use any kind of automated spinning as the results just aren't very good – particularly if you're selling a 'batch' of spun articles, where everyone wants their own versions to be excellent.

Actually John, I’m never sure if being able to write for yourself is totally necessary. There are lots of ways to outsource writing for a low cost. And, even though I consider myself to be an excellent writer, it’s not always cost-effective for me to do my own writing.

As far as this particular system goes, you can either write the articles yourself, or outsource the process. The results will be the same.


I wouldn’t shy away from writing about “health scares” at all. Nor do I see websites that relate to health as profiting off people’s “misery.” On the contrary, if the articles are well written with authoritative, legitimate sources, the website can be very helpful and informative. People who suffer from a medical condition or fearful they may suffer from a particular ailment in the future are often very actively seeking more knowledge about their situation. This information is valuable like any other information. Are doctors unethical because they earn money off of people’s suffering as well? Most people would not say so because their motive is to help people, not rip them off. There’s no reason why writers cannot have health related websites with similar good intentions.

Darren, yes you can definitely sell based around health scares.

Personally, that’s not a niche that I’d want to work in, as I don’t feel qualified to give medical advice to such a vulnerable group of people, but if it works within your ethical viewpoint you can go for it.

The beauty of this system is that you’re providing the articles for other people to sell as your own. So, you’re selling to marketers rather than the general public. That’s a much easier task, particularly when you can demonstrate that there’s a demand for the information (as with health scares).


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