Five Ways to Fill Your Autoresponder

How often do you e-mail your list?

If you're anything like most marketers, it probably isn't enough.

You need to e-mail your list often enough so that they know who you are, but not so much that they get sick or tired of you.

Depending on your niche, this could be anything from once a day, to once a week, but the ideal best frequency is probably somewhere between the two.

But, what can you send them? Here's five quick-and-easy ways to get you going:

1. A link to your most recent blog post.

2. Remind them of one of your accounts: your Twitter, your Facebook, or your blog.

3. Send them a question. It could be related to a blog post or a product you're developing.

4. Send them a free gift. Just compile a simple e-book, or use PLR, brand it, and you have something which can be valued.

5. Send a promotion. It can be one of your offers, or someone elses.

The important thing about all of these is that they can have a call to action. Even with a free gift, you can brand your site in the e-mail and in the report.

Still stuck for ideas? Resend old messages to people who weren't on your list at the time. And resend the same links to people who don't open the first message, or just to ask for more results.

Got any good ideas for autoresponder follow-up messages? Share them, and let's see if we just can't get five more!

12 replies on “Five Ways to Fill Your Autoresponder”

I love, love, love using really good PLR for my autoresponder. If you can find articles about your topic that are how-to related or give other useful information, it's great for your list and great for you.

I love offering value to my subscribers. I often send them articles or tip that I only publish on a blog a few weeks later. Of course I remind them of it, and they often thank me for giving the subscribers an advantage.
The key is to offer value so that they want to open your emails. When you get to that stage then you have subscribers for life.

Yes Dee, that's a great idea. Post materials to your list first, so you're offering value, then add the same material to your blog a couple of weeks earlier. That gives a little bonus to subscribers if you're writing good material, plus it means you get double use out of it. Definitely something I'll try.


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