Writing An Internet Profile For Future Expert Positioning

It’s really important to have a detailed profile on the Internet. That all starts with writing a good expert bio which you can use to enhance all of your profiles.

People are going to be looking you up and trying to find out information about you.  They want to check if you’re the real deal.  By providing a bio, your future customers and contacts will know straight away that you’re not just somebody off the street.  You are indeed a good expert in this area and you’re somebody who they can trust.

In this blog post I want to discuss a few techniques that you can use to get the best out of your bio.

What are the steps you need to take to make your bio look the part?  You should include information about your achievements and qualifications.  Add to that anything that you can to make you look like a real person and not a fake profile or someone using a pen name. Support that by including any good positive publicity you’ve had throughout your career.

It’s useful to break those areas down further.

Qualifications are important to people when you’re looking for an expert, but they’re not the only way to present yourself as having accomplished many things during your life.

If you’re promoting yourself as an expert in Roman invasions and you have a degree in history , then clearly that’ll give you an advantage over other people who may be saying they’re an expert but don’t have that experience to go with it.  Definitely include qualifications like this. But, any other achievements are equally valid. If you’re running a site about karate and you hold a black belt, or you won a competition, that’s all equally valid from a credibility point of view.

You should think about how to make your bio different to other peoples. One way to do this is to use anecdotes in you bio to make you stand out as a real person.  Not many people use this trick, but it really helps to get people on your side. Think about any funny stories you’ve got about your time as an expert in that field.  Are you an expert in chess?  If so, can you talk about the time an important chess match got cancelled because something amusing happened?  If you’re an expert sports person then why don’t you tell a story about the time the pitch was invaded. Think about good stories to use as they will help you to add real flavour to your profiles.

You should also look to take advantage of any media publicity you’ve had.  It’s easy to get publicity in the media.  All you need to do is push yourself.  Release a press release, make sure that the local media picks this up and they run with the story where appropriate.  If you’ve had any publicity in the form of a newspaper clipping then why don’t you include that directly as part of your bio.  Scan it in and show people the printed output. If there’s an online source for the story, you can include this in the form of direct links. This means that people can verify for themselves you’ve been in the media.  If you’ve been a radio show or you’ve been featured as a guest on a prominent podcast then include details of this show. You could grab an audio clip.  Mention the name of the presenter too if other people reading your bio might have heard of them. That makes you seem even more important.  By including any good press you got, anything which is in support of your expert status you’re helping to improve your own bio.

That gives you some good ideas for starting to write a nifty and different expert bio.  You just have to be creative and make sure you push your expert status.  Include information about achievements that will support your expert argument.  Increase the stay time on the page by including anecdotes. Finish off with any good press or publicity. By doing all of this, you’ll soon have a great expert bio and be seen as an expert in no time.

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