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I want to take some time today to share with you a plugin that I've had installed on my blog for a few months now, and which really helps me with driving traffic to the blog.

If you haven't got it installed, you really should.

The plugin is TweetMeme.It adds the little Twitter link you see at the top of each post.Twitter Logo

What's So Great About This?

Twitter is an excellent way of driving traffic to your blog. But one thing I'm really bad at is remembering to promote all my latest posts on Twitter. With TweetMeme you can just click on a single link and the information is circulated.

Thay way, you're keeping your Twitter account up to date.

Three More Benefits Of Using TweetMeMe

You might not have thought of these.

(1) Resyndicate Your Old Posts

I'm sure that your blog, like mine, has a lot of older posts that people just don't look at as much, even though the information is good and still up to date.

Click the TweetMeme link occasionally on old posts and you'll direct traffic straight back to them. Ou acheter du pilules sans ordonnance sildénafil sur paris for sterker dan pilules.

(2) Let Your Blog Visitors Tweet Your Posts

It only takes them one click for your visitor to send the ready written tweet to their Twitter followers. This can be great for relationship building.

I certainly make it a habit to click on TweetMeme buttons when I read a post that I've enjoyed.

(3) Generate a page on the TweetMeme site

Every link that's tweeted through TweetMeme generates a page on their site with details. You can use this to check who has tweeted your posts.

But, most importantly, it's an additional page focused around your business. It's an additional site for the search engines to index. And it's an additional entry point for visitors to your site.


Install TweetMeme Today

If you've not already installed it, I strongly suggest that you add TweetMeme to your blog right now.


First, Click The TweetMeme Button!

If you've enjoyed this post, please click the button and share it with your friends.

Then, pop back here and leave a comment.

11 replies on “Twitter Traffic Funnel”

I've used tweetmeme for a while now.  Not sure if it gets used as much as the other plugin: Sociable.  Nonetheless, I use it for easy one-click broadcasts to my twitter followers.

Thanks for sharing!

Re-syndicating your old posts is a good idea. I've got an older blog that I'm going to merge into my current one as soon as I have the time and most of the posts are pre-Twitter. This is a good idea for getting some of those older posts noticed again. Thanks!

Thanks for heads up Thom, will have top follow through on this.
Martin Bellinger

This is awesome I am going to add this to my blog as soon as I finish writing this comment. Twitter has been such a great tool for me to drive traffic to my website and this little tool will make it even better. Thanks.

Great! I'm gonna add that on my blog as well. I think this is much better than the usual where the share button for twitter, fb, and other social networking sites are embedded at the end of each post. Thanks!

Nice! I've actually been looking for a functional plugin like this. Several that promise this are kind of buggy. 🙂

Tweetmeme is awesome. I can't believe I every used Twitter with out it. Thom your a lifesaver. Thank You.

Everyone, yes just to follow up, I still get results from the plugin. It does depend rather a lot on the post though, as some people just take to and tweet them a lot, others less so.
One thing I've got to do is to start to resyndicate some of them, as it will been a few months since I last tweeted them. It keeps my Twitter account active and always brings a few new people to the blog.

I think tweetmeme is I think a great way as you said to get old ideas fresh again as who really has the time to go back through all the old posts especially if a blogger has been at it for a while. Theres just so much time you have and its a great way to boost recall. 

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