Create Replicable Systems

How can you give yourself an immediate Internet Marketing productivity boost?

You need to do things more efficiently.

That is, work out the tasks that you do regularly, and how you can boost your throughout in each one.

It's called developing systems.

Let Me Tell You A Story

I'm an amateur photographer (one of my many hobbies), and I often spend time at weekends taking photos.Photography

Quite aside from the time collecting these, processing the photos afterwards, sorting out the best ones, and publishing them online, can take up a substantial amount of time.

So, I've developed a simple system which (slightly oversimplfied) goes something like this:

  1. Transfer all the files to the PC.
  2. Identify a set of image filters that I can apply to all the photos and get 'fairly good' results for.
  3. Scroll through the photos, identify the best shots.
  4. Make any minor changes necessary to correct lighting, photo crop etc.
  5. Batch process them all to get versions for the web, and higher quality versions for my own use.

By using the system, which I've developed over a number of years, I can get my work on a batch of photos done in a couple of hours (the whole process takes longer, but that's mostly the machine whirring along without my presence).

This Works For Internet Marketing

Think of all the time consuming things you do on a regular basis.

Now choose just one of them and work out four or five steps you can take and which will give you 'good enough' results.

Refine the process to take as little time as possible.

You've Got A System. And you're well on the way to getting more things accomplished and either of them done faster.

You've Also Got A Product

Take your System, and write it up as a short ebook.

Break down the four or five steps in a way that is easy for other people to understand apply.

You have a valuable product, that you've put together based around your pre-existing knowledge and can easily sell as a $7 report.

Even better, enhance it with video and audio, and you can have a product which is worth far more.

Your System

Do you have any systems? What do you use them for? Do they work?

Post your reply below and let us know.

5 replies on “Create Replicable Systems”

Good advice, Thom. I've got systems for all kinds of stuff, from really basic to complicated strategies.
I write them down (actually create mindmaps or checklists) just for my own use, not to sell them. A lot of them aren't things I do all the time, so by the time I need to do it again I need to re-learn it if I don't keep a record.
But with a mindmap or checklist, I can do it in a fraction of the time, because the hard work (figuring it out) is already done.
I definitely like the idea of selling the systems, though. I think I might have a couple of new WSO's coming soon 😉

A  simple system is a great idea for internet marketing I had never thought of that before. It will be refreshing to try out this new technique for my upcoming plans. Great post as always Thom.

I have a blog post system where I write summaries of news article with links back to the origjnal. But before that link I give a "read more articles like this" that goes to my archive page. It really retains visitors. I do this with a signature plugin where all I have to to is paste the link to the original piece into it.

Nice post! A great way to achieve certain goal is to also use a system. My blog was somewhat improved because I tried to make a system that will help me organize my posts and also my reviews. Thanks for the advice!

my system for everything is I write lists in a specific notebook for each specific category. I find it helps so much when I have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

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