Super Successful Kids and Internet Marketing

I've come to a conclusion.

If the Internet had been around in its present form 15 years ago, I'd be a much more successful Internet Marketer than I am now!

Back then, the Internet was in its infancy, but I used to love computers and everything about them. I'd think nothing about sitting down for hours and writing a computer program, or composing material for a magazine distributed on floppy disk (yes, rather like a less convenient Internet).

I had few distractions.

And, I think that's the secret for many of the super successful kids who are doing well in the Internet Marketing field.

A lack of distractions.

Let's face it. Being younger, you don't have all of the same responsibilities that adults have. There are people there to look after you. No job, no mortgage, no people depending on you.

Even with increasing pressures on young people, both at school and outside, they have the one important commodity. Time, to develop into success.

So, kids go and develop your marketing skills while you can, as time to learn's something that's almost impossible to get back as you get older.

But, it's not all doom and gloom.

There's one thing that you develop as you get older. That's life experience. And, it tells you to work smarter.

How can you work smarter? By managing your time, and getting things done quicker and more effectively.

Use every spare moment. Develop systems to streamline different processes.

And that is how I think older marketers can be super successful, just like the kids!

Want to share a few secrets about how to be successul? Go ahead and add your ideas below.

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You're right on, Thom.  The young kids have an advantage.  I can relate to "too-many-irons-in-the-fire".  Handy-man at my home, in TN, re-modeling the home in FL, just purchased another home here.  Had planned to sell my present domicile, but it has not sold.  Maintaining two homes, here.  Had to race 800 miles, to FL, last month to get leaking roof fixed on that home.  Yeah, I know very well, about trying to stay focused.
Al Jones

Aside from adults just being too busy, I think some of us tend to lose our natural sense of curiosity. Kids use their curious nature to solve problems outside the box and this kind of thing is exactly what you need when working online.

I agree with Jen, children do often tend to be more curious, but if I remember back to when I was a youth and starting online, I believed everything was posible. Iw as totally unrealistic and just dreamed of never working, even though I was to young to have ever worked!
It's this sense of belief that stops all the overthinking and that perhaps is the key to a lot of success. Like younger people do not overthing, just get on with it and see what happens. Younger people are often not scared to fail as 'they are young' but as we get older we become more and more inclined not to try incase we fail.

Its true even in college I find I have more time and less responsiblilty even with 2 jobs and full time college hours and I find I could get more done and growing up with the technology it comes ea.sier to me

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