Should We Pay For Stuff?

Seth Godin recently made an interesting post, regarding Internet Marketers and the considerations we make every day about whether to pay for stuff:

He raises some good points. Generally, paying for stuff is worthwhile when you’re getting value out of it.

Of course, it’s always worth being careful that the thing you’re speding money on is worthwhile. Scams do exist.

One area Seth doesn’t mention is the information market. Is it worth paying for e-books which promise to save you time or make you money?

My view is that generally it is, providing the cost is reasonable and proportional to the information being received. Obviously, you can’t always tell that from a sales letter, so a bit of common sense is needed.

With the current trend for webinar training, my view is that this can be a great way to learn stuff. It’s very hard for someone not to provide the information that they promised when they have a hoard of viewers live and on the line who are able to ask questions.

The value from any form of any training is in the time saved from having to research and learn a subject all by yourself. Surely money well spent?

Do you agree with the old adage, that you have to spend money to make money? Use the reply box to make your opinion known.

3 replies on “Should We Pay For Stuff?”

With the proper amount of creativity and tenacity, you do not have to spend money to make money. It can be done and is done all the time.

I do believe you have to spend money to get money,  I mean it costs money to get your information out among other things.

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