Scarcity in Blog Action

An interesting experiment on Robert Plank's blog recently, which I want to grab a chance to comment on (particularly since I can't do so on his blog, for reasons which will be revealed in a minute).

Robert recently celebrated his 25th Birthday, quite an achievement if you look at what he's achieved in the Internet Marketing world in a very small space of time.

He celebrated this a new type of blog post, introducing scarcity in the comments field.

Very simply, he limited the number of allowable comments to 100. This meant that if people wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday they had to jump on and be one of the first 100.

Comments closed off with the scarcity principle applied in under 24 hours. That's quite an achievement to get 100 people to post comments (well, in fact it was slightly less, as Robert added a few, and some people posted more than once, but 100 comments is pretty impressive).

So, it looks as though Robert might now be doing that as a regular thing. With his kind of audience that's quite understandable, but don't know if it would all work here yet.

Have you had luck introducing scarcity into your blog. Hit the reply and let us know.

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