A New Approach to Reading

I’m quite excited today, as a device I’ve been waiting for is sat waiting in a depot fifty miles away. Tomorrow, it will be delivered to me, and I anticipate that it will change the way I read all kinds of things.

Any ideas what the device is?

It’s the Amazon Kindle.

Now, the arrival of the Kindle might not sound that exciting to many of you, unless you realise I’m in the UK, where it’s not been available.

Yes, I’m the king of the early adopters!

The big question is, how will I use it? I really don’t see myself replacing the standard off-the-shelf book that I’d read with a Kindle version of a regular basis. There’s a few reasons for that. I like everything about paper: the look, the smell, the feel. Plus, I like seeing books on my shelf.

So, what do I anticipate using it for?

Reading when I’m away from home and looking to reduce the weight I have to carry is one.

Most importantly perhaps, a way of reading all the many PDFs and online materials I collect. There’s so many good digital reports and ebooks online and reading them on a typical computer screen just isn’t condusive. Nor is the expense (or storage requirements) of printing most of these out, unless they turn out to be really good. So, having them on a paper like device should be brilliant.

I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on when it arrives.

Anyone else got a Kindle and want to drop any hints? Let me know by replying below.

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I have to say, I love an early adopter. : )

I really think that you are looking at the future of reading. Soon, there will be schools using similar devices and getting rid of traditional textbooks all together. Good for cost and great for kids who have to lug around heavy backpacks!

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