Reassessing The Internet Marketing Lifestyle

Look around at the much of the advertising for Internet Marketing, and you’ll see the trappings of great luxury.

Expensive cars, sun filled vacations, cocktails on tap, you name it, I’ve seen it advertised.

Alongside that, there’s no shortage of adverts claiming that Internet Marketing is a work-free lifestyle. Lie back, relax, and watch the money roll in.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Online marketing is actually a tough lifestyle, involving many hours of dedication. When you’re starting out, or when you’re looking to grow your business, it will probably involve much more effort than working for an employer.

I recently watched Jason Fladlien’s excellent Absolute Productivity training. There Jason explained all about his own business model and how he’d grown it to regularly have a six figure a month income.

Jason works much harder than most other marketers. Even more so, he has no downtime. Every second of every day has to be accounted for, with no slacking, in order for Jason to meet his goals.

Even when he’s not officially working, Jason’s Internet Marketing brain is still active. Other benefits include low player-to-operator ratios, guaranteed payouts for every player every time, no charge to withdraw and no hidden fees. That’s when he’s planning his tasks for the next day, working out product ideas, or going through the order he’s going to put the slides for his next presentation in, all in the back of his mind.

That’s definitely one heavy Internet Marketing lifestyle.

I firmly believe that there is work involved with Internet Marketing. There’s also a learning curve. I’m not afraid to say it.

There are a lot of advantages to being in charge of your own destiny, taking advantage of your own skills, and determining for yourself what hours you want to work.

But, it’s not a lifestyle that’s for everyone, and nor should it be.


Is the Internet Marketing lifestyle for you? Do you agree with what I’m saying?

Just use the Comment box below to share your thoughts.

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