Super Successful Kids and Internet Marketing

I've come to a conclusion.

If the Internet had been around in its present form 15 years ago, I'd be a much more successful Internet Marketer than I am now!

Back then, the Internet was in its infancy, but I used to love computers and everything about them. I'd think nothing about sitting down for hours and writing a computer program, or composing material for a magazine distributed on floppy disk (yes, rather like a less convenient Internet).

I had few distractions.

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How to Add Formulas to Your Posts

I put a formula in my last post and was surprised to realise that some people aren't sure how to add formulas to WordPress posts.

Formulas are a great way to present relationships and to explore numbers. It's amazing how often numbers occur in Internet Marketing, everything from measuring traffic, to money, to word counts, well the list goes on. So, being able to use formulas is highly useful as a quick way of expressing things.

So, here's my quick and dirty solution for doing so.

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The Pay-Per-Click Winning Formula

I though that I'd use today's post to add a quick primer about how to use Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) at a profit.

PPC is represented by services such as Google Adwords, where you pay an amount every time someone clicks on the advert and follows the link to your site.

When I started using PPC I found it very hard to balance the books, that is, to make sure that my profit was more than my outgoing spend. Read the rest of this entry

A Picture A Post

What can you produce in 60 seconds, add to your posts, and it will easily add to your traffic flow via a designated Google page?

Hint: I often forget!
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Make More Use of your User Generated Content

Something occurred to me earlier today as I was writing on Amazon (I'm a keen reader and forever buying and reading interesting books).

I like to review some of the books I've read. I always find it helpful to see what other people think about books before I buy them and like to return the favour.

But, isn't this writing content for someone else? Surely that defeats the object of being an effective marketer? Read the rest of this entry

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