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How often do you find yourself stuck, thinking that you want to release a product, but not knowing what to release it on.

In this blog post I'm going to reveal a very simple method that you use at any time to put out a quick product.

Even better, it will be a low ticket product that people want, and which you can pull together quickly and easily.

The Secret Is To Use Your Personal ExperienceInstant Product Box

You're not messing around trying to research new areas. You're simply taking information and experience that's already in your head and formatting it for a ready market.

People will pay to work more efficiently.

People will pay to copy success.

People will pay so that they don't copy failure.

With that, you have information that anyone who is trying to learn to market will pay for.

The 'System' Product

In this product, you simply reveal the exact process you go through to complete a common task.

This should be something that you have done regularly and that other marketers also do themselves.

You're passing on the little refinements to the process that you've made that make your process faster, more manageable and more effective.

Break this down into a number of simple steps, which are easily replicable.

Then package this as a 'System'.

For instance, when I set up a new niche blog there's a certain way I always set it up. The same ways I get the software installed quickly. A set of configuration changes I make. The plugins I use that always make the blog more successful.

I could package up that information quite quickly and soon have a 'System' product ready to sell.

The 'Case Study' Product

In this product, you're telling people about something you've done.

It might have been something that was really successful. It might be something that was only moderately successful, or even a downright failure.

You go through the exact steps you followed, the thought process behind it, and what bits worked. More importantly, you need to talk about what you discovered by doing this, and the changes you would make if you were do this again. This is a 'Case Study'.

Marketers are very rarely willing to share their real world experience. Too much of Internet Marketing is based around theory. By just going out there and showing somethign that you've tried, you're immediately giving much more value than the same regurgitated information that plagues Internet Marketing.

Let me give you an example, which I touched on in an earlier post (The $1 WSO). The theory being tested, that selling a product for $1 is a good list building mechanism. My experience was that it was less effective than the theory led me to believe. What exactly did I try? Why did I try it? How would I make this process more effective next time?

These are all questions I could address in a comprehensive 'Case Study' product.


Produce Your Instant Product

Think about it for a minute. I'm sure there are ideas you've tested which you could document. I'm sure there are marketing tasks you complete regularly that you've got down to a fine art.

Don't sit on this information. Put it into a product, whether it's an e-book, a video product, or even a webinar. Failing that, at least use it for a series of interesting blog posts.

I certainly plan to push up the schedule with my own Instant Products.


Your Thoughts Are Welcome

Did you find this blog post useful?

Have you put together instant products before, or do you plan to after reading this post?

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Brilliant post. I agree with you fully on this. It seems that sometimes the easiest money making solutions are right in front of your nose.
 I don't how much time I have wasted cramming my brain thinking of the one "great idea" when I could have simply written up a how to guide or tutorial compile it in a ebook and presto instant product.. Great Post thank you.

About your "Instant Product System" idea …

Your post reminded me of all the "job manuals" I've written in the past for various employers so I could move on … and so they could hire 3 people to replace me!

The trick, I discovered, was to start any new job with a 3-ring binder in hand filled with — get this — paper punched with 3 holes on *both* sides …


Because when you go to do a particular task the second time around, you can move your record of how you did it the first time over to the left-hand side of the binder and use it as a guide while you're taking notes on the right-hand side about how you're doing it the second time.

When you have a written guide like this to go by, it's just simply amazing how many ways of improving it you can think up as you go along in the process of following it.

But if you never write down these improvements, then nobody will ever know about them. Including you! It's also just simply amazing how much about a process you can completely forget!

Like me … like now …

I've just reminded myself of this idea that I'd completely forgotten!

So I'm writing it down … it's potentially worth millions of dollars!

I might even improve upon it!

Lately I've been experimenting with setting up the equivalent of a 3-ring binder in Excel and using the "stay on top" feature to keep two spreadsheets side by side so I can see how I did it last time and make notes of the improvements in that process that I implement this time. It works slick!


I'm hyperlinking docs and pdfs and urls and whatever other resources I'm using so that, when I return to that spreadsheet, all I have to do is click on the link in a cell … et voilà! up it pops!

And I'm setting up "pages" in my "notebook" and moving them around just like I would in a three-ring binder!

And the beauty of it is, at any given moment in time, my virtual notebook is email-able to anybody I might have helping me (which it certainly would not be if it were handwritten on actual paper) … and soon it will include links to video clips, because it just now occurred to me that this would be a super way to work in further instruction or detail or whatever …

Coming back to your "Instant Product System" idea, it would be so much easier to create a product like that, if you had a virtual notebook like this to refresh your recollection of what it's like to come at the task as a complete beginner …

Even something as simple as the $1 WSO idea can seem complicated to somebody who's never done it before …

Plus, with your virtual notebook to hand as an outline of your big-kahuna ebook, you can create a smaller "free report" with links in it to your ebook sales page, and then you can market the free report, which in turn markets the ebook.

And if you get a good rebranding kit, you can enable lots of other people to market your free report, too!

But perhaps the best part — in my humble opinion — is that the customer who buys your ebook gets your *first-hand* account of how you did it, including but not limited to the mistakes you made along the way, which you are alerting your customers to, because you don't want them to make those same mistakes.

And this, in turn, is going to increase your trustworthiness in their eyes.

And that's good for future business!

warmest regards …



As a matter of fact the company I work for is just starting to put together an e-book as well as white papers. We have signed up for Aweber and are in the process of writing information on cloud hosting. It's easy it's free and what we have tested so far is working. Thanks for the post.

This has been such an informative post at least for me. I am a web designer and have done a couple of videos/tutorials on word press design as well as Css design which althought simple in presenation has been a big success for me. It has been such a success more for me than other because I have learned so much while doing it. I will have to look into writing an ebook and posting that. Thank you.

I think what I found to be the most important part of this post is how you talked about not researching a new topic, but instead using what is in your head and what particular skills you might have. I wouldn't want to put out an e-book about something I wasn't sure about. I think what most peope are looking for in a ebook is a simple and short answer to a question in terminology they can understand.

Thanks for the comments.

Elizabeth, good luck with your million dollar idea. There are plenty of good ideas out there, the hardest part is always to get the value from them that they're really worth.

I do keep notes of things I do regularly, but not in quite as sophisticated form as a Virtual Notebook. I just tend to use a simple Word document of numbered points (the autonumbering means I can move them about easily). For more sophisticated tasks, I use structured mindmaps, which are easy to expand/contract and move the nodes about. But it's always worth having things in order and having those notes to refer back to saves such a huge quantity of time in the long run.


I've released two products in the last month. One was a case study and the other was a systems product. Are you stalking me or something? 😉
Just kidding of course, but I can attest to both of them not only being fairly easy to create, but both have sold well too.
Now you've got me motivated to bang out another one over the weekend and get it up and selling at the beginning of the week!

Personal experience here is the key. It is the personal touch after all that sells the product.

If you had a problem with something, it is more then likely other have had and even will still have that problem, so using your personal experience to both describe the problem and an effective solution is a great startegy for success.

It is also worth remembering that people like to make their life easy, and therefore like to see simple straight forward steps to follow. So if a system product is your thing, make it very simple and easy to follow in small steps to ensure your readers can have maximum benefit.

Great and well-researched tips.. I'd share this to one of my friends who's planning on releasing a new product. I think these tips will help him greatly.

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