Four Steps To Success With Giveaway Events

If you're trying to build a list in the Internet Marketing niche, you've probably heard of Giveaway Events.

Essentially, how they work is as follows. You join the event as a contributor. You upload a 'gift' for people joining the event as Members. Then you collect their name and e-mail address to add to your autoresponder before they get to their download.

It's traditional 'bribe-based' list building, but on a large scale with a lot of other marketers participating.

But, how can you best make use of the list building opportunities afforded to you through Giveaway Events?

I've prepared four simple steps which you should follow to make sure you've getting every optin subscriber you can.Giveaway Event Gift


Step #1 – Prepare Gifts With A High Perceived Value

You need at least one gift, but if you haqve more than one it gives you more flexibility to test out different optin strategies and join multiple events.

The higher the perceived value of your gift, the more people who will opt in to your list in order to download it.

I've found that the following types of products work well:

  • products that come with Private Label or other rights, so that the customers can resell them.
  • video and audio products.
  • product bundles (mutliple e-books etc).
  • software products.

The worst converting product for optins is generally the traditional e-book. Even if it's the best e-book in the world, people just don't tend to want to download it.

What do you do if you don't have a product? Find a product with resale rights, even if you have to pay a small amount of money for it, and offer that.

Chances are, if you're like me you've got a hard disk full of those sorts of materials already.


Step #2 – Set Up Your Optin List

You need an autoresponder, like Aweber, and a suitable squeeze page.

If you don't know what a squeeze page looks like, here's a squeeze page of mine.

Then set up a download page from which your product can be downloaded.

Make sure your autoresponder is set up so that when your optin subscriber confirms their e-mail address they get sent straight to the download page.


Step #3 – Choose a Giveaway Event

There are many Giveaway Events going on at any one time and you can choose any of these.

Generally, I've had the best results with the larger Giveaway Events. Essentially, these are ones that big marketers are behind. The reason for this is that there will be more traffic going to the Giveaway Event and you have the chance of more optins from it.

I'd also recommend that you get in well before the start of the Giveaway Event, to give your product maximum exposure.

Many Giveaway Events offer you the chance to pay for extra exposure. It is usually a good deal and should get you subscribers for a very low cost, but if you're just starting out you can skip this step.


Step #4 – Set Up Your Offer On The Giveaway Site

If you've followed Steps 1 to 3, this should be quite straightforward.

Most Giveaway Events use the same software, so this is a quick process once you know what you're doing.

First of all, you set up your profile, with your photo, Twitter account etc (this is excellent for personal branding).

Then you set up your gift, with the e-cover (if it doesn't come with an e-cover I suggest using a screenshot), location of the squeeze page and download page etc.

You also need to give a description of your product. You need catchy text here to get people to optin. State the benefits, and push the perceived value (e.g. if you're offering PLR make that really obvious).

Now, you just sit back and wait for your gifts to approve (normally a formality) and then the traffic to roll in. You'll need to tell your own list about the giveaway once it starts, as that's always a condition of participating, apart from that you're all set.


Optimising The Giveaway Process

The process is pretty simple, but there are a few things you can do to make it even more profitable for you.

Present a one-time offer to anyone who tries to join your list. That can get you an immediate income and get yourself a proven buyer, rather than simply a free loader.

You can always test out different offers, and, if you purchase the upsell at most Giveaways, you can put up multiple products. In this case, I'd recommend you make them as varied as possible to catch different sections of the market.


Your Giveaway Experience

There's no reason why Giveaway Events can't be a success for you.

Have you been using Giveaway Events and making them work? If so, what are your secrets?

Are you looking to get started with Giveaway Events. If so, what are your sticking points?

Just reply below and share your thoughts.

24 replies on “Four Steps To Success With Giveaway Events”

Giveaways is obvious tactic to build up a nice email list and could be seen as the equivilent to free samples in the real world.
Giveaways have always intrigued me as I've never understand if the email list that you gain will help gain sales in the future. A large percentage of the people who use the internet are freeloaders which make me doubt the success of a giveaway. I suppose if the product that you giveaway is a success, customers would be more willing to buy a similar product that offers more.

Giveaways are great, and collecting emails does work in getting future sales from them in the future. There are freeloaders out there but also there alot of people that have a keen interest in a certain subject and will honestly and earnestly want updates(emails, newsletters) on that topic. The Giveaways is just icing on the cake. Thank for the post.

Awesome information here. I really have been looking for the best way to market my blog. A squeeze page is something that I will need to look into.
I had never thought about a giveaway either, but much like yourself I have a lot of fun stuff on my hard drive I could use.

This was just the article I was looking for. I have a website with a pretty particular niche and have been wondering not only how to monetize it by also to get more traffic. I have signed up with Aweber and am looking forward to really getting this going.  The Giveaway I'm going to have to think about that, but I'm sure I can think of something to give away. Best Regards and thank you.

Interesting post I had never seen Giveaways in this light before. I appreciate the simple, easy steps to follow and your guarantee that it works if you put the work into. Cheers.

I like the way you write. What was so enjoyable about your post was the honesty and confidence you have in writing and your willingness to share such great insight on possible big money maker for anyone who puts in the time.

I agree with other people in here. I dont know if I am repeating what other people said but again I wanna say thanks for sharing this very clever post.
I never had this idea that is why I really enjoyed reading this post and for sure I will apply this idea. Hopefully it will work for me as well.

Squeeze Pages are really good and really do work in fact if you are into affiliate marketing you know that you can make a good chunk of change off these too. I will need to start building my own and see what I can do. Thanks for the post.

In regards to Giveaway Gifts I recommend anything Internet related, be it hosting, web design, SEO, or domains this a way great way to not only guarantee a click but garnish more interest in the particular subject you are blogging about. Great Post!

Thanks for all the comments on this one.

Matt, you're right about squeeze pages. You need to master these for both internet marketing and affiliate marketing. I might write a proper blog post about these sometime soon.

David, I love your ideas – the most important thing is to be different! And, so if you can offer something that people won't usually see, it's definitely different. The downside of offering anything that's a service is the time it takes to deliver it, but if you've got the capacity, or the outsource team in place, you can really differentiate yourself in the market by doing this.

Do all please let me know how you get on with giveaways and building your list.

Great post, Thom. Giveaways are indeed an effective way of in building you email-based marketing strategy. Very clever and easy to do.
Thanks for including a detailed, step by step guide that newbies like me can follow. Great work!

I got a lot of cool ideas on this blog, including the comments. I honestly have not thought of this yet. Wow! Very clever idea here, I wish I had thought of this before.
Thanks David for the additional input, very helpful. My target market will surely be highly interested on internet related goodies!

I've always planned to start up an online based retail business for the longest time now. The idea is very daunting specially for someone like me It's consoling to know that people like Thom here is willing to share ideas like this post. Thanks Thom, I'll check back on your website everytime I can so keep posting!

Your squeeze page just came up and it looked great. Thanks Thom for this really informative post. I has been fun to look over the comments posted by others during this past week.  There are so many great posts made by so many great people I posted earlier this week and it has been nothing but positive to see all the great input.

Thanks Aaron, the squeeze page took more goes than I expected to get it displaying just right, but hopefully it only shows about once a week. So it won't be too annoying. I send out lots of interesting content and thoughts on my e-mail address, so if anyone's worried that by signing up you're going to get subjected to lots of spam – you needn't be. I'm not into promoting the big launches, or any offers unless I'm personally sure they're a great deal.

I much appreciate all the interesting comments from the other readers too. If anyone's having problems with giveaways, let me know as I like addressing topics for the benefit of readers.


I agree with David that anything related to the Giveaway niche will do very well, and quite often that is Internet Marketing, although I do know a few people now doing the same in other niches also.

This is a great guid Thom, you hit the key point well especially that ebook do not tend to do so well for some reason. I totally agree with having a squeeze page to capture their email address and an upsell offer. Valuable advice.

Very true Dee, there are other niches with giveaway events, although they don't seem to be niches that I'm in (I've definitely seem weight loss for instance).

Even within online marketing, they're starting to niche down a bit. For example, I've seen giveaways where you can only promote products you've personally made or are under 6 months old (actually, I agree completely with those for brand building and quality), and also ones where every product has to come with PLR. I expect these more niched down giveaways are the best ones to get involved with, although you can build a list with any of them.


I just read a fantastic post on how to use Giveway events to build your lists and it reminded me of your post.

It's a great way for anyone to get themselves started online as you do not have to worry about traffic but on content generation, which is perhaps the biggest hurdle to start with.

Benjamin, I think running your own giveaway can be a great success… but you need a good sized list and contacts beforehand to make it work. After all, to get contributors, you need to be able to show them that the giveaway will be one of the big ones.

Most giveaways are using a script like GiveAway Riches, so I'd just go with that (don't overcomplicate things when there's a tried and tried solution).

One tip to make your giveaway more successful is to have a good theme and good hook. For instance, one I participated in that seemed to do very well had a theme where every gift had to come with Private Label Rights. Anything that sets this apart from being just a run-of-the-mill giveaway will really help you.


I agree with some of the above comments that many people are looking for the free gift and have no intention of any further use of the site even if you have their email if not interested what good will it do you.

Well, in many ways it's a numbers game. You don't know which of the subscribers will be valuable to you. But, that's why it's important to hook them in with a quality gift and valuable information in the initial confirmation emails.
The fact that these people have bothered to sign up at all, and particularly that they're seeking out giveaway events, does generally mean that they're looking for opportunities online, so you do have a chance to hook them.

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