Niche WSO Affiliate Site System

I want to outline a system that I think would be a very effective way of promoting Warrior Special Offers. It's a twist on the ideas of niche sites, and also a site that I created, but taking advantage of the fact that WSOs convert far better than many other types of products.

So that the process is manageable, I've broken it down into four simple steps, which I think are replicable. These form the Niche WSO Affiliate Site System. Read the rest of this entry

The Ethics Of Warrior Forum Affiliate Marketing

A much more time sensitive post than usual, and one which I suspect will generate some discussion (if you want to join into the conversation, you'll find the comment box at the end of the post).

I've seen a lot of discussion recently asking just what is it acceptable to do to generate WSO sales?

There are some (very old school) Warriors who insist that WSOs simply shouldn't have affiliates, with the claim being that these violate the rule that a WSO must be a better offer than is available to the general public (presumably, the act of promotion means that it is then being offered to the general public).

I don't see that as a serious concern, but it does demonstrate the changing landscape of the Warrior Forum. Read the rest of this entry

Maximise Your Autoresponder Optin Results

I'm sure that, as an online marketer, you know how important it is to have a mailing list (or, indeed, several mailing lists).

If you don't know, then think of a mailing list as an avenue through which you can contact people on a regular basis. It's much efficient to collect together mailing details of prospective customers than it is simply make a sale to them. By having their details, you can sell to them many times.

But, assuming you're building a mailing list, are you really getting the most out of your list?

In this blog post, I want to lay down four places where you need to making sure you're maximising your autoresponder results from new people who you've added to your list. Read the rest of this entry

The whole landscape under which Warrior Special Offers are run has changed substantially over the past few months. More WSOs than ever before are selling substantial numbers of copies – in the hundreds and in the thousands. There’s one simple reason for that. The launch of a system which you can use to get affiliates for your WSO using Warrior+Plus.

Warrior+Plus For WSOs

That doesn’t mean that all other WSO models are out-dated. There are still ways to be successful with free WSOs, many of which I’ve talked about before. But, if you do want to reach the top level of WSO sales, you need to do everything you can to attract affiliates. In this blog post, I’ve laid out nine ways you can encourage affiliates to promote your WSOs. Read the rest of this entry

The Piggyback WSO Method

The Piggback WSO Method is a technique I've seen other marketers using to have Warrior Special Offer success recently. It stems around creating products which are very quick to put together and have an integrated mechanism for making money off them.

It's not a technique I've personally had chance to try yet, but it's one I have high hopes for, and will definitely be using in the future. Read the rest of this entry

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