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More Money Making Opportunities For Ebook Writers

If you’ve gone through the hard work of writing an ebook and started to sell it, you may notice a bit of a disadvantage at this plan. Sure, you make some money by selling the ebook, but you only make this money once. Once somebody has paid you the $7 or $27, or whatever the price may be for the ebook, you don’t directly make any money off them again. What if you could continue to make money from that customer even though they’ve already paid you? This is quite possible. In this article I’m going to show you three ways that you can make more money from an ebook.

The first thing to do is to make money directly from the customers who brought the ebook by adding affiliate links inside the ebook. This means you’ve got to recommend products which will compliment your ebook. For instance, if it’s an ebook detailing how to get started online, maybe you could provide an affiliate link to a hosting company for putting their website up. Or one for purchasing a domain name. By adding these secondary income streams into ebook, you stand to continue making money for months or perhaps even years to come from your one-time sale.

Once you’ve sold the ebook you should consider how profitable it’s likely to be for you. After all, many ebooks have only a short-term market span. You can get around this by offering publishing rights to the ebook. This means other people have permission to resell it. You can charge a premium rate for this by selling these publishing rights to an existing customer who already knows about the quality of the item you have provided and then they can get their investment back themselves. They’re likely going to be marketing this for a different set of people then you would be, so even though you may think you are cutting off your own market, you probably aren’t because everybody has access to a different set of people onside the internet. Offering publishing rights at a even higher cost could be a good way of making more money for an ebook.

You can also think about repurposing your ebook. This means turning it into a higher end product rather than just a simple PDF document. This is a highly effective strategy for making more money. You can make this directly from your original customer by offering this higher end product as a backend to your original one. But you can also make more money by selling it solely at this higher price originally. You can sometimes give the original ebook as a bonus product. So a high end product might for instance be converting your ebook into a series of videos, giving exactly the same information. Or it may be by giving a personal training program for it. Either way, a high end product is always a good alternative if you know the information is tried and tested and is saleable from the original ebook soliction.

There’s no reason why you need to sell an ebook only once and make money from it. You can continue to make money even after the ebook is sold and even after it’s largely run out of market share. Capitalizing inside the ebook by adding affiliate links. Offer publishing rights towards the end of the life span of the ebook so that your customers can sell it for you. And continue to redevelop it by turning it into higher end products, such as a video product. You can then offer the new product to replace the original one and you’d be making more money from the same information with very little extra effort required on your part.

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