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How To Create A Backend Product Quickly

When you are a busy marketer often the key part of your marketing is to just get a single product online. After all you have probably spent a lot of time working on this product and you want to see that it will sell and make some immediate income off of it. This is often not the best strategy to employ because you are missing out on having a backend product where a substantial more amount of money can be made. But how do you progress if you do not have a backend product ready when you go into the market? The good news is that there are some solutions and I am going to share some with you in this article.

First of all simply resell one of your products that you have already created as a marketer previously. The good thing about this is that you can offer this product on the backend at a bigger discount to your normal selling price and you can do this without alienating your existing customers. By presenting this big discount as a onetime offer you can get a high conversion rate of people to buy a product which would otherwise not be flying off of the shelves as quickly as it used to be. So consider offering one of your own products on the backend.

A delicate option for getting together a quick backend product is to create an additional course. Now this sounds like quite work heavy when you first think about it but it need not be. You can create this course using a video which has a high perceived value, and would enable you to sell the backend at a greater price than you would have done. Alternatively you can offer a webinar training course which means you do not even have to have the videos created in time to market this backend. You can simply schedule the webinar for a date in the future. Because this is a course for a single product, this can often sell well and convert people using this upsell.

An option you should also consider is to buy a readymade product. There are a number of these packages on the market, and these come ready for you slot right in to your marketing funnel. Now it may be that you simply purchase a product with resale rights and you offer that as a backend. But there are some backend packages made to suggest scarcity and present a onetime offer so that people know they have to buy now because they know that this opportunity will not come by again. SO by looking for a readymade backend package you can slot this straight into your backend marketing sales funnel and make initial income without having to do much work.

There is never any reason to have to release a product without a backend even if you do not have one. Simply consider one of the options that I presented to you. Resell an existing product, or buy a ready made backend package which may be someone else’s existing product with resale rights. Alternatively you can create an additional course perhaps using videos to speed up the process. By offering these different alternatives to you you should be to make sure that you have a backend product in place which will bring you in additional sales and an additional income.

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