Double Boost List Building

I want to share with your a strategy today that I’ve discovered and which I personally use in my list building.

I use this to get the maximum subscribers on my list from a single idea or product.

It’s called Double Boost List Building.

First BoostList Building

Produce a short written product, aimed at a beginner, but with one or two intermediate tricks in.

For this one, short is the word. This only needs to be 8 pages or so long.

Make sure that this is something that you can give away (for insane value), but also sell it at around $7.

Now, offer this product in exchange for an e-mail address. You can use classifieds, or whatever traffic generation methods you prefer.

You can also back this up with a product as an upsell to start to make some money back.

This is the First Boost of your list building.

Second Boost

Now, you stop your product being free, and start to sell it for $7.

Hopefully you’ve collected some testimonials to show everyone what a great deal this really is.

At this point, you create an audio product of around 15 minutes in length. During it, you advertise your paid product.

The audio has to aimed at a beginner, so you can take things slowly, and build up to the intermediate parts that you embedded within your paid product and which a beginner would not know about.

Think about this as you just answering a series of beginner questions – almost a solo person interview.

Now, give the audio product away in exchange for an opt in. It needn’t take you long to put together.

That’s your Second Boost


Generating A Complete Sales Funnel

With these two boosts, you’re now well on the way to a complete sales funnel.

Create an upsell item priced higher than $7.

Write some follow up e-mails for people who listen to your free audio, but don’t buy.

You’ve got a Double Boost to your products for a minimal amount of extra exertion and effort.


Do You Double Boost?

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