Working In Short Spurts – The 10 Minute Secret To Working From Home

When you’re looking to make money from home as a busy person, it can often be difficult to find the time necessary to get tasks completed. There are continual interruptions. If you’ve got children, they can be continually looking for help or support. There are always things that you need to do.

To make the most of the home based business opportunities, you need to able to work in short spurts, as and when you can. You also need to be able to recover quickly from distractions.

I recommend structuring your business in such a way that you only complete tasks that take 10 minutes or less. These are always easy to start and stop. Each task should be structured so that it either makes you money, or it works towards your wider Internet business.

One task that works for me is writing fast articles. I can produce an article that I’m happy to publish in a spurt of 10 minutes. To do that, you need to be able to write well without overly thinking about the content.

If you find writing articles that quickly difficult, then you need to split this up into a number of smaller tasks, each of which can be completed in 10 minutes. For instance, given the article writing example, you can spend 10 minutes deciding on the content for the article (just write a couple of words that tell you what is going to go in each paragraph). Spend 10 minutes producing a draft of the article. Then spend 10 minutes proof reading and improving the article.

Other tasks that you can complete inside 10 minutes, and which will benefit your business, including replying to a set of emails, making forum posts, or even research keywords that could be valuable for your business.

That’s the simple 10 minute task secret that works well for me. It’s essential for structuring a business around other commitments that you can work in that manner. Do make full use of all the 10 minute slots that are available for you.

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