Three Good Places Where You Can Include Your Optin Page To Increase Your Volume Of Subscribers

As you start to try and build your mailing list, you’ll often be trying to put your optin page as many places as possible. By doing so, you increase the amount of potential subscribers who will be joining your list. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to put this new optin form that you’ve generated. Three simple suggestions are as follows.

First of all, include it in on your blog. You’ve already got visitors to your blog who may want to opt in find out what you’re doing. Secondly, incorporate this within sales pages for products that you already have online. And finally, use your Facebook profile.

You need to be using your blog to maximum effect, and one way to do this is by including your optin page within it. There are different ways to include an optin page within your blog. First of all, you might consider having it down the side of the page so that it’s visible from anywhere in the blog. Include a simple message with that, such as “subscribe to my newsletter,” and you’ll be able to get some optins.

You might also wish to have this pop up or pop under your blog. By popping up, it means that people will see that. And until they either subscribe or close the window they won’t be able to go back to reading your main meat of your blog. If you have it pop under, it means that when they close their browser window your optin page will still be there. And if that’s coupled with a valuable offer to get their email address, you can still get some subscribers that way. There are many ways to include an optin page on your blog, and you should take full advantage of the visitors you’re already getting so you can get that repeat traffic via an optin page.

A second website for your optin page is to include this inside one of your products. Now ideally, of course, this will go on all of your products, but you may build these up over time. It’s a fact that not everyone will buy your product on the first attempt. And by including an optin page and capturing an email address, you can follow up with carefully targeted messages to get people back to your optin page at a later date and try and convince them to buy.

You may not wish to include the optin page directly on your main product. One way to do that is to have a close option. When your prospect closes the window and decides they won’t buy, then pop up the optin page and offer an invaluable report. This may only be a short report which will perhaps take them back to your sales page in the future. Capture your email addresses that way, and that will help you to get additional sales in the future.

There’s one final place you should include your optin page which is highly underlooked by most Internet marketers, and that is on your Facebook profile. It’s very easy to get software which will let you set up an optin page at the side of your profile in the form of an application.  You can even get this to show up on other people’s Facebook profiles, such as your friends.

By doing so, this will enable them to opt into your mailing list, and you can often find that if you have a large number of Facebook friends then these may be people you want to market to in the future. Often Facebook friends do not directly correlate with friends in real life. So if you’ve taken any social media training and taken the time to build up a large list of friends then these are people you want to be able to continually market to.  And as well as sending out messages on Facebook, you can send them longer emails directly to their email accounts.

There are all sorts of great places on the web where you should be including optin forms. Some of them are much easier to set up than others. First of all, you should definitely include it on your blog. This already gets a large amount of traffic from people who are very interested in you. Secondly, edit your product sale pages to include an optin option — either directly, or when your prospect leaves the page. Finally, look at your social media options, such as your Facebook profile, and include the optin form in there to maximize the number of prospects you capture at any one time.

By looking at all these three places, you’ll soon be building up a much larger mailing list which will increase your overall profit you can make from your marketing business.

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