The Technical Issues With Marketing Backends

Often when you are considering integrating a backend into your sales funnel process you are concerned with the technical work which is required to get this integrated into the process. This does not need to be a hard task, but there are definitely some issues to be considered. In this article I am going to explore three of these with you so you can decide whether you are technically set up to implement this backend.

The first and most important part of the technical process if you need to restrict the backend purely to people who have purchased the front end. This means you do not want to set up two entirely different sale’s pages on your server because people can access the backend without having gone through the frontend really, and this may not be a good strategy for you. You can market much more effectively and improve your sales copy for the backend if you tailor this around the frontend product which you already know has been sold. So you need to have the process in place so you know that the customer has purchased the frontend.

Secondly, you may find it difficult to set up a flow tree of the backend marketing process. This is to consider the different paths people may take when purchasing your product. This is particular to consider when setting up upsells and downsells or you were providing multiple upsells out of a single product. This can create some difficult flow tree paths throughout the entire sales process. In this case you may wish to stick to a single upsell product until you have mastered this or you have a good system in place to do so.

A final technical issue relates to the download and making sure this is only downloaded by people who have purchased it. Download protection is difficult for front end products and doubly so when you have multiple products where the people have purchased a single front end or they may have purchased a backend as well. By making sure you have hidden folders and other download protection mechanisms in place you can get around the technical difficulties.

Generally, technical difficulties need not prevent you from offering upsells to your products. They are ready made solutions available which will solve this, and let you set up a technically valid downloadable downsell solution. It is well worth investing in one of these because the modest price you pay will improve your overall profitability as you offer new products rather than one. Always get a good sales process in place including upsells if you want to be successful with marketing your own products online.

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