The Perfect Length For Blog Posts

When you’re sitting down and writing for a blog, you have to make a decision about how long your blog post should be. Now, this decision can vary from post to post, but generally, you’ll try and be fairly consistent in your blog. And, if you’ve chosen to make every post a certain length, then all your posts should be that length, it shouldn’t be just one of occurrence. But how long should your post be? In this article, I’m going to go through three common sciences for blog posts and present my arguments about why these may or may not be appropriate for you.

My first suggestion is to do a very short blog post of about 100 words. Now, this is great if you’re doing a personal blog and you want to update it several times a day, the last thing you want to do is to have to sit down for a long time and write a post. After all, if you can type 50 words a minute, you can fly out a hundred word blog post in two minutes, which is next to no time. These entries are going to be short snippets of information. They may be related to a personal incident which has happened to you or there may be comment on a news story, whatever is appropriate for your niche or your personal blog. So, short snippets can work very well where the blog allows for them.

The second length of a blog post is probably the most common in the world and that’s about 250 words long. This gives you a bit more power to go into a little bit of detail in your blog post, but it isn’t long enough that your readers will start to get bored. It also isn’t long enough that it’s going to take a huge amount of time to write them. You can still write these posts in about five minutes each, writing at 50 words per minute. If you do want to say something longer, you can consider splitting it up in multiple posts and this may give you more than one day’s worth of content. For a 250 word blog post, you do not necessarily need to post to your blog everyday, but a few times a week is generally a good way to maintain your readership.

The final suggestion I have for you is to consider longer blog posts of 500 words or even more. These are comparable with articles. A common length article is anywhere between 400 – 600 words, 500 words fits right in the middle of these figures. A good reason for using more article length blog posts is where you want to make it an informational blog which people visit on a more sporadic basis. This is often done for niche blogs where you are trying to draw traffic, it will also make you money by clicking on your advertising links or buying products through your affiliate offers. So, they can be used for 500 word blogs when you have appropriate articles to match up with them.

What happens, your blog and the length of the blog post needs to be a personal decision whichever will work best for you. Think about how long you’re going to spend on updating your blog every day and how often you wish to go back to it. This will effect of low posts. You also need to decide exactly what type of blog it is. If you’re aiming more towards a niche audience, your post should probably be longer than if you’re going for a more personal blog. By taking on these factors into account, you can develop blog posts at the perfect length for your own situation.

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