There may be times when you are considering whether or not it is important to have a backend as part of your marketing sales funnel. Generally I would say it is always a good idea to have a backend but this may not always be the case. It may not be as black and white as it may seem. Here are some good reasons why you should seriously consider having a backend solution integrated into your marketing.

First of all, the extra income is highly useful when you are trying to make a profit online. You may decide that you are going to market your frontend product at a relatively low price. For instance, seven dollars is the typical price for an entry level E-book. Adding a backend product to it with a higher perceived value, such as videos, you can increase your profits by selling that backend at seventeen dollars, twenty seven dollars, or even a higher price. Extra income therefore is always a highly viable reason for having a backend which can be considered without question.


Second you might want to use the backend solution to revitalize an older product. Let’s say that you created a product sometime ago, maybe months or years, and it is no longer selling as well as it once did. Instead of looking about reducing this on your main sales side, well you may get complaints from customers that already purchased it. You could instead chose to offer this existing product which requires no more work on your part to produce it as a backend to your new product. You could do a special offer, as a onetime offer to people buying it and this would give you a reason to offer it at a lower rate. This could get more use out of your existing product and continue to knock up further sales for what may well be a highly valuable product.


You should also have a marketing backend purely because you want people to buy from you in order for you to train them to be long term purchasers. In other words you are trying to get people to buy from you not once as you would do with a frontend product but twice by buying a frontend and a backend. By doing so they can get the mindset that they can buy from you again and again. This is going to be important when you come to market further products to them through emails and when they see your name online they might consider buying from you again because they have purchased from you twice they have the knowledge about the quality of your products so they will continue to buy.


Based on those arguments I would suggest you’d need a really good reason not to have a marketing backend. There maybe some high end products when you decide it is inappropriate but generally you should always introduce a backend into your marketing whether it is purely for your income, to help you revitalize an older product, or to train long term buyers so that you have a viable product funnel for the future.

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