Should We Pay For Stuff?

Seth Godin recently made an interesting post, regarding Internet Marketers and the considerations we make every day about whether to pay for stuff:

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Fast Article Writing Trick

A little trick I’m going to share with you if you find writing articles hard or slow going.

To do this, you need a voice recognition program, like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

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Cursing in Internet Marketing

Today, I want to share with you one of my biggest peeves in Internet Marketing. Am I out of line?

It’s all those marketers who feel the need to swear and curse over the place.

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Blog Post Scheduling

Just interested in what tactics everyone uses to post to their blog.

In particular, how far ahead do you schedule your posts?

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Physical Bonus Products

I’ve noticed a new trend appearing with mid to high ticket items.

That is, giving a physical product to accompany the offer.

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