A New Approach to Reading

I’m quite excited today, as a device I’ve been waiting for is sat waiting in a depot fifty miles away. Tomorrow, it will be delivered to me, and I anticipate that it will change the way I read all kinds of things.

Any ideas what the device is?

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Sharp Business Practice – The OTO Mountain

In a recent post, I wrote about my annoyance at buying PLR e-books which turned out to be two thirds unusable filler.

This time, I want to talk more about the purchase process for that e-book, which was equally annoying, and perhaps soured me even before I got to the download page.

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Sharp Business Practice in Ebook Sales

Today I’d like to tell you a short story about a product I brought and my experience of the process.

I’m not going to name the product or the marketer behind it, just the general principles, which I hope are ones that most people reading this will not try to emulate in their business.

The product was a bundle of fresh PLR e-books, put on sale for the first time. Something like 30 of them in different categories, with a selection of Internet Marketing Titles being of the most interest to me.

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Low Ticket Item Strategies

Last time I posted I wrote about the advantages of selling products for higher prices.

Namely, the additional income far outweighs the fewer sales.

So why would you ever want to sell products for a lower price?

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High and Low Ticket Items

As a member of Earn1KADay, I find it probably the source on the Internet for interesting discussions relevant to Internet Marketing.

As it’s a private forum I can’t reveal the exact contents here, but I recently read an interesting discussion about high and low value ticket items, as tested by a number of forum members.

The results may surprise you.

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