Local Adwords Search Secrets – Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of Google Adwords Search Secrets, here's how to use the Google Global plugin for Mozilla Firefox.

This video shows you how to add new areas to the options on the context menu in Firefox, so that you can immediately check out what a visitor in your area of interest would see when they searched Google.

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One reply on “Local Adwords Search Secrets – Part 2”

Another good helpful video. I'm still unsure at using firefox as my main broswer it doesn't seem practical unless im doing something like this. I've alwaus been used to IE and the problem I always have is that firefox doesn't work with a lot of java sites or online streaming sites I've used in the past.
Google is defintely one of the best inventions on the internet. Especially with all the awesome tool bars they offer for free.

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