Outsource Your Life

Here’s a little tip about outsourcing that many people don’t use, but which can make you much more productive.

Don’t just outsource your internet marketing business.

Sure, many of us, myself included, are quite happy to pay people to write articles, develop products, produce videos, build backlinks etc. It’s generally an efficient use of our time.

But, what about all the other boring day-to-day things which we have to do around the house.

Think about cleaning, Is it really cost-effective to take time away from work to vacuum, or to scrub the kitchen floor?

Is it worth doing laundry and ironing it.

So many of these things can be completed by other people, and probably much better and quicker than we could do so ourself. There are some great domestic helps out there who will come in for a few hours a week and work wonders.

It’s all about working out what your time is worth. If you can make more by working on your internet business for an hour, than you would pay someone to do a task for you, then pay the money.

Also, think about which is more fun.

I know I’d rather be being productive on the PC than cleaning the bathroom.

Do you outsource anything unusual? Let us know in the comments.

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