Making Blog Posts from Other People’s Content

I hope I made it clear in my last post that I like my blog content to be original.

To be exclusive is something that gives great value to the visitor.

But, even though I don’t like to use PLR in this way, I do use other people’s content.

How and why?

Well, first of all, there is so few stones left unturned that it’s inevitable that anything written will overlap somewhere with what other people are doing. You can’t avoid that and there’s no real good reason to avoid that.

Plus, some other people have such good ideas and make such good points that it seems rude not to react to them,

So, when I said I use other people’s content I lied a little. I don’t. I can’t agree with any form of stealing other’s people’s words.

But other people’s ideas…? As I said, that unavoidable, so why fight it?

There are so many really easy ways to find out other people’s ideas. Read their blogs, you can see what they’re saying. Read an interesting forum thread. You get a whole host of opinions in one go, some of which will be appropriate. Even sites like TipDrop and Twitter will provide plenty of information.

Then take the important points and use them as a basis for a blog post.

You’re trying to add to the information. So don’t just repeat. If you know something that’s not covered then add it. You can even just add an opinion. Opinions are great for getting more discussion going.

If it’s a blog post, put a link back to the original so that can people can read the full post and discussion, The original poster will value the link – and you’re showing that you appreciate what they wrote.

But, you are getting the follow-up content on your blog. This means that you’re not only getting a blog post, you’re also getting a search engine content.

If you want, you can even go to the comments sections of the original blog and post a short comment and a link there. So long as you’re sensible, most blog authors will be happy with that, particularly if you’re providing a link in return,

And there you have it. A nice, new and interesting blog post which really adds value to other people’s content.

Do you use other people’s content in this way? Post a reply and let everyone know? Or, even post it on your own blog (with a link back here of course) .

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