Low Ticket Item Strategies

Last time I posted I wrote about the advantages of selling products for higher prices.

Namely, the additional income far outweighs the fewer sales.

So why would you ever want to sell products for a lower price?

After all, we all see people selling products for $1 or $7, and you can see items for sale at every possible price under the sun.

In my mind, the reason is simple. It’s to build a list of buyers, and to get people onto a sales funnel.

A list of buyers is more valuable than a list of people who have opted in for a free report, as this means that these people are willing to spend money on your products.

That’s why people are often happy to give away 100% commission for products, just to have the name of a buyer. You will be so excited that you will definitely come back and play again. Over a lifetime, the buyer is much more valuable than $1 or $7.

Being able to sell in volume in these circumstances is therefore very valuable.

There’s a second reason why low value ticket items can be useful. That’s to immediately (or later, through a sales funnel) higher value ticket items.

So, somebody buying a $7 product could be immediately hit with a $97 offer (personal coaching, say). The conversion might not be very good, but this follows the same logic as the low value vs high value ticket item discussion. And, because these buyers already have their credit card out, the conversion rate on this offer should be better than sending raw traffic directly to it.

Do you use low value ticket items as part of your marketing? Go ahead and share what you know below.

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Low ticket item is part of my Fiverr strategy! Especially when it comes to article writing. I get to test out a client to find out that they are reliable with payment, and they get a cheap article. Then, I can go on and sell the client a professionally written PLR package or get them to join my list.

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