How Much Does A Backend Product Sell For?

There are many different pricing strategies that you can use to decide how much to sell a frontend product and the associated backend product for. In this article I am going to consider some of the main options for you so you can decide the most appropriate for the business that you are implementing.

The first option you should consider is to have a relatively cheap frontend with a more expensive backend. For instance, you could use a cheap front end such as a one dollar or a seven dollar product purely to get people to purchase a backend which is where your real money is made. At that point you can sell your backend for twenty seven dollars, forty seven dollars, or more. Once people made the initial purchase from you you know that they have a credit card out and so they have that easier notion of being to purchase straight after. The cheap frontend and expensive backend solution could be a good one for you.


You might also consider the complete reversed solution. That is to have an expensive frontend and a much cheaper backend. For instance, you could market the frontend product for twenty seven dollars or forty seven dollars and then dramatically reduce the price of the backend product to something like seven dollars. One might you do this is because you might have a very high conversion rate on the backend product because it looks like such a comparative bargain compared to the frontend. People will often add this very good deal onto their frontend purchase without worrying or thinking about it too much. After all, comparing seven dollars to twenty seven dollars, the latter is less than a third of the price of the former. So there is no reason for people to consider it much. By doing this you are training people to become long term buyers because they have now made two purchases from you.


The last option, which is often not considered as much as it should be, would be to have identical pricing on your frontend and backend. This can work very well in some markets. You may for instance sell the frontend for twenty seven dollars and the backend for twenty seven dollars as well. This could often balance out the advantages of the two pricing strategies I have already shown you in this article. It can get you a good number of conversions on the backend, but also keep the amount of money you get from the sale to make it worth your while for doing some.


You need to carefully consider which backend pricing strategy is most important for your business because there is a number of different ones which could work for you. You may wish to split test these. You can try out the cheap frontend with the expensive backend and also split test this again with the cheaper backend and see which one works best. Do not forget the identical pricing solution. It could be the most viable one when you market your product online.

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