Finding Writing Work Online

When you’re trying to get started making money on the internet it’s often quite tempting to go after writing work. After all most people can write to some degree because you write all the time. You write on forums, you write emails and messages to your friends and of course you’ve been taught to write on school and that gives you a huge advantage you’ve got a service you can offer that people really want to buy. Because websites continually need new content generated for them. But one of the very best places to look for writing work would help with any context.

There are three main groups of places you can look for. First of all, freelance activities require quite a bit of work. Secondly, you should be using your own website and drawing traffic to it exclusively for your writing services. And finally advertise yourself on different sites which are looking for writers to hire.

Let’s start off by talking about freelance sites. On these sites people are looking for a particular project to be done, and in this case they are looking for a number of articles to be written or perhaps an ebook will post a project with details about what they are looking for. So they may say I want 10 500 word articles written on this particular topic. This then goes out to a number of people who will bid to complete the work. They’ll put in a private bid for the amount of money they want for doing this. In the case of ten 500 word articles, a bid of about $50 might be normal because articles tend to average out to $5 each. They will also support this with any information that will help them. For instance, if you happen to be a native speaker of the language that you’re writing for, it’s a good idea to put this in the message. It’s in purely at the whims of the person placing the bid as to which of the many options that they take up. But hopefully if you’ve put a well written response to their advert you should be able to get some business that way. This means that freelance sites are always a great place to look especially when you’re just getting started with content writing.

The second thing you should be doing is setting up your own website advertising your content writing services. This is pretty easy to do and if you don’t have your own website there isn’t any reason you can’t use a free blog using a service such as WordPress to do so. On the site you need to put up as much detail about the services you’re offering as possible accompanied with samples. You can write these from scratch if you don’t have any samples available. If you properly advertise your site you’ll start to get people going there and they will be able to contact you directly and negotiate with you to write content for them. So having your own site is an absolute must when you want to be a writer.

The final place where I think you should be looking for is for hire sites. These are site where people advertise their own services as a writer and then other people can go to these directly and start to bid on them. Generally these hire sites operate as part of internet forums. For instance you may look on a forum which has a hire section where anybody who is a member of that forum can have advertise their services and content writing is a particular one which will be of interest to you. There are many other forums around the make money online issues which kind of have these advertising sections. So if you want to be hired you can go on there and post an interesting profile about yourself, a good advert detailing what you can do and you’ll get slow business that way. As you become more established that business should get more frequent. So you need to advertise on hire sites to get the business that you want as a beginning content writer.

Those are three ways that you can use to help you find writing work online. And the good thing is, as you find work you’ll start to get contacts and it will be easier to get extra work if you do well the same people who use you will come back to you time and time again. But just for getting started have a look at freelance sites and bid on the projects that are offered there. Next you create a website advertising your services. This can be useful even if you use any other methods because you can direct people to your website, it shows that you’re a professional. And finally you should be finding hire sites such as internet forums where people can put adverts about the services that they offer. Advertise yourself there and you’re bound to get some business that way. If you’ll follow all these three techniques you’ll be well equipped to get hired for writing work online.

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