Becoming More Than The Average Marketer

One of those terms that I've started hearing again and again recently is that of the "average marketer".

It is one of those slight misnomers.

No-one really wants to be considered an average marketer if they have the choice, but for most marketers, being average is actually being very successful.

Without taking a strictly mathematical view, there are different definitions of average which could be applied here.

Perhaps the best definition of average is the modal group, that is the massive group of people online who are not actually making any money. They might be people who are just starting out, but more often they tend to be people looking to procrastinate, or trying to find a "get rich quick" scheme.

Those type of get rich quick schemes don't tend to work. It's all about developing a business that will work for you in the long-term. If you do that, you can be automatically far beyond the average marketer.

Another way of thinking about the average would be to consider making the mean amount of money. I've no idea what this is, but probably a few dollars a week. This, of course, isn't a relationship that displays pure symmetry. There will be many marketers earning less than this average (the majority earning nothing at all) and a few marketers earning substantially more than this.

Earning any amount of money online has to be considered better than the average marketer, as it is more than most.

The biggest challenge is to reflect on what being more than the average marketer means to you.

It should be thought of as a great achievement. It is putting you in the mindset of someone who has accomplished something online. The only way to go from there is onwards and upwards.

If you've not made any money yet, concentrate on making your first few dollars. Accomplish something which you can show. Even if this means writing an article for someone else and making $5 for it. Or even writing an article for your own blog, just to demonstrate that you are taking action and creating something of benefit for you.

Being more than the average marketer is the best move you can make to enhance your business.

Over To You

What does the term "average marketer" mean to you?

What do you recommend people do to improve their business and go beyond average?

Just fill in the comment box below and share your thoughts with the other blog readers.

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