What's your aim as an Internet Marketer?

Is it fame? Is it to become rich? Is it financial freedom?

I want to set down a few points that you need to really consider if you think Internet Marketing is the career path for you.

These are kind of things that the big name guru products just don't tell you.

It's an Internet Marketing reality check.


The Day Job

Many people start Internet Marketing as a method to leave the day job.

They have totally unrealistic expectations that a few months down the line, they'll have said goodbye to the boss and will be raking is serious cash.

That's the exception, definitely not the rule.

First of all, most people simply can't get their new business in order that quickly.

It takes time to develop new skills – and you need lots of them for success as an Internet Marketer.

You need Internet skills. You need product creation skills. You need writing skills.

You need to be able to sell and market.

And, you need a willingness to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends and topics.

Sure, you can outsource some of this, but you need a high level understanding to make things work for you.

That's more than just reading about it. It's learning things and putting them into practice through simple trial and error.

A much better approach is work on the business slowly, and to plan for things two years down the line, rather than expecting a 'Get Rich Quick' soluton.


The Support Network

When you're working with other people, there's always a support network in place.

You're surrounded by colleagues. Some of them you might not like as much as others, but they're there to offer help and to provide answers when you're stuck.

As a solo Internet Marketer, you need a dedication to succeed without that immediate network. Many people find this lonely. You need to have a very specific personality to sit alone in front of a computer all day.

Sure, you can replicate some of this online.

I surround myself with great people who are accessible through forums and other support communities, but if you're a social person this may not feel the same to you.


The Benefits Of Work

Working for an employer has many benefits.

The key one of these benefits is a secure and guaranteed income. You put the hours in, you get paid.

Internet Marketing has no such promises. You may spend weeks creating a product which you think is brilliant, to find that it only sells a hundred dollars worth of copies.

Some people like the risk/reward basis of that (more rewarding than blackjack?), but most people do need a guaranteed income.

Many people try and work out what they'd earn as an Internet Marketer by only looking at the headline 'take home pay' figure. They fail to consider all the additional incentives that make up a full day job package.

Pensions. Benefits. Childcare. Healthcare. Subsidies. Tax contributions.

All of these aspects disappear when you work for yourself.

In many cases, it's worthwhile continuing with a day job just for the benefits.


How To Approach Internet Marketing

I've painted a slightly 'doom and gloom' view of Internet Marketing. The real picture isn't so simplistic.

The very best way to think of marketing is that it's a nice hobby, that may work well for you someday.

It's to look at Internet Marketing as bringing you the kind of extra income that might allow you to pay your mortgage off quicker, treat yourself, or take an extra holiday.

For most people, it's just simply not realistic to think of this as a new full time career.

Here's what I would do.

Work on your Internet Marketing business in evenings and weekends.

Try and build up a level of security in an Internet Marketer through slow and continual development. In my case, that's through learning and product development.

When you feel ready, negotiate to reduce the hours you spend in your day job. That offers you a little more time for marketing, but still provides you with security, and a link back to a traditional career if the marketing arena changes.

Working 3 or 4 days a week in a day job strikes a good balance between security and risk.

Test the waters slowly and you should do well.


What's Your View?

I'm really interested to find out what you have to say about this post.

Do you aim to go full time as an Internet Marketer soon?

Are you already full time and has it always worked for you?

Or, are there sensible strategies for doing well as a part time marketer that you'd like to share?

Just reply below, and I'll look forward to seeing your thoughts.

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