When you’re trying to set up a new mailing list, you need to have an incentive for people to opt into it. This is often known as an ethical bribe. But sometimes it can be hard to put these things together. You don’t want to spend hours writing a new ebook and to find out this only pulls in two new leads over a period of days. So what are the quick mechanisms for generating this bribe which will enable you to set up your autoresponder account and get some people into it?

There are three simple ways you can do this. The first one is to find an existing product and to simply reuse that. The second one is to find a product with resale rights and then to use that as a giveaway. And finally, you may create a new product completely from scratch. This can not always be time consuming if you know these secrets.

First of all, I’d suggest you look and see if there’s an existing product that you already have which you can give away. If you’ve been an Internet marketing niche, whatever your niche is to any great length of time, you’ve often already got a product created which perhaps isn’t salable anymore. Just because you can’t make any great money off it directly doesn’t mean that you can’t give it away to encourage people to opt into your list.

In fact, there’s a huge incentive to doing so. You can say this product sells for $27, or $47, or whatever the price may be. People then have an incentive to get a product for a massive saving — a hundred percent saving — on the cost or price. And so this is likely to be a great ethical bribe for getting their email address and adding them to your list of prospects.

Secondly, you might try and find a product which has resale rights. There are many products which have been around for a while, and people are now just keen to try and make some money off them. You can often pick up resale rights for old time products for a few dollars or even less. So take a careful look around and search on the Internet for resale rights plus your particular niche, and you’ll come across a great list of them.

Choose one which looks like it will be of interest to the mailing list you’re trying to build. It has to be niche specific, where possible. Before you go ahead and buy, take a careful look at the rights that are offered and make sure that you’re allowed to give this away for free. If you’re not allowed to give it away, then it won’t be suitable for your optin page.

In that case, you’ll have to go back to the drawing board and find a further product. So long as you can give it away for free, this could prove to be a suitable incentive which will take you next to no time to put up and get running.

Your final option is to create a new product. Now this can be quite a big task. But if you are knowledgeable in your niche already you may be able to do this quite quickly. For instance, an interview can be a very valuable optin offer, and if you ask a friend or colleague to interview you about your niche, you only need to fill in twenty to thirty minutes of content and you have a very valuable bribe that you can use.

So creating a new product could be complex — like an ebook — but it need not be, and this will be a new and valid reason for people to opt into your list. They’re the first people who can ever get access to this product.

So it’s very easy to put together ethical bribes for your optin page. You don’t need to do anything very complex. First of all, look if you have an existing product which you can then offer at a hundred percent discount and get people to opt in. Failing that, see if there are any suitable resale rights for products in your niche which aren’t already overexposed. And then you can use those for the optin page.

Finally, you can create an ethical bribe by just putting together a quick product. This need not be anything complex. You can put the product together using audio, video, or whatever mechanisms are available to you, so long as it doesn’t take too much of your time. By offering a fresh product, you’ll increase the potential optin rate for your list, and this will allow you to grow your autoresponder account very fast.

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