A Little Known Source for Finding Quality Writers

One problem that comes up time and time again is how to find quality content for your article marketing needs.

This is particularly true in niche markets, where ideally you would want to get a writer with expertise.

Here’s a little known technique I’ve found for finding qualified writers.Really, it’s pretty simple, but it’s something that is off the beaten track for many.

Find a forum in the niche you’re interested in, preferably with a lot of traffic. You probably already know which forums to use as these will be where you do your product research and look for ideas.

Identify some of the top writers in the forum. People who have high post counts, who are online regularly and who seem to know what they’re talking about.

You’re going to approach these writers to produce content for you.

First thing is to prequalify them. Check their posts. Do they read well? Are spelling and grammar correct? Do they show good niche knowledge?

If they do, drop them a private message introducing yourself and explaining that you’re looking for writers in the niche.

Obviously you won’t have a 100% success rate for this. Quite a few people just won’t be all that interested, but you’re bound to come across some who are passionate about their niche and just want the outlet for their writing.

These are the ones you should go for. Make whatever deal makes the most sense and there you have it. A well qualified niche writer who is more than happy to earn a little money for writing about a subject that they enjoy.

Have you had luck with finding niche writers in this manner? Or are there any other methods that you want to share? Hit the reply button and let us know.

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